Each of us leads a life at the level he or she can afford, trying to keep to a standard of living which he or she sets for herself. However, we can imagine that one day we suddenly find out that we inherit a large amount of cash – the sum is huge, and we are overwhelmed by euphoria and happiness in our heads already appears a thousand ideas what we can do with such money – we plan new expenses, maybe building a house, buying a car, some investments that will bring profits or holidays. Our heads are fulfilling dreams because this lucky coincidence makes us rich and the level of our life during the moment will increase dramatically, we can guess that the level of our expectations towards life as well as our everyday life will also change so maybe in all this confusion, joy and emotions it is worth to think soberly for a moment and ask ourselves how to cope in such a situation what to do now and what steps to take to make everything goes according to our thoughts?

It is not the case that after finding the will of the deceased, we can immediately start to dispose of the property he has written to us: sell his flat, choose money from his account or liquidate the deposit.

In the first place, we must acquire a decision to give us this inheritance a formal form. What if I already have a choice to declare the legacy? If there is only one heir, obtaining a legal certificate of heritage (inheritance certificate or inheritance certificate protocol) is quite a big step towards settlement of inheritance formalities, after receiving this document you have to fulfil your tax obligations and present a statement of acceptance of inheritance rights to the relevant tax office, and if you are not exempted from inheritance and donation tax, pay tax.

How quickly you can see the inheritance is not only a pleasure coming from the facilities that suddenly fall on us but also a lot of responsibility that results from the appropriate approach to the matter and resolution of all formalities related to the legacy of our will. This is not an easy issue because often the ceremonies we have to go through require from us very detailed information and a lot of own contribution.

Formal acceptance of the inheritance, in this case, does not necessarily end the story, we always have to take into account the issues whether the person who gives us inheritance a considerable readiness to inherit at the same time can have debts, it may turn out that there are more heirs outside of us and then we have to make a division or repayment. Roads are different we can do it in court or at a notary, it is essential to have a person who knows the issue and can help us to guide us so that the inheritance becomes a financial pleasure and not a burden in the form of debts or other difficulties.

When we have an inheritance, and we have gone through all the formalities related to the heritage and the financial amenities resulting from the will, what are we supposed to do? The first thing to do would be to find a list of best national banks and set up a saving account that will bring us slightly low, but stable profits. But not all people do this.

We are surely curious why people immediately spend a lot of cash from their inheritance? The first thought that comes to mind is that people in such moments fulfil their dreams, realise the desires that they have in their heads but until now their finances did not allow them to do so and now it is not a problem for them.

We say that money, after all, does not give you happiness but it gives you the opportunity to it’s worth taking into account the issue of how much it can make things easier and how it can help us to deal with it quickly, so I think that receiving an inheritance it is worth going through the formalities related to the court, notary or fees. As a result, we will still achieve a lot thanks to the will that was written for us.

Often, unfortunately, people face an inheritance which, apart from pleasure, also entails a burden in the form of debts, so that people are not necessarily happy to think that they receive someone’s inheritance, it is associated with debts or problems or even more money to spend, but it should be remembered that a large number of legacies are also those that cause only the enrichment of our property. Why shouldn’t we accept such a heritage with joy and eccentrically approach this matter? Not everything should be measured with one measure and looked at through the prism of stereotypes because it is worth looking deeper – and we may be pleasantly surprised.