IUI treatment in India is popular fertility treatment. It is the simple lab-based procedure in which specially washed semen is directly injected into the uterus of the intended mother with a thin catheter. IUI treatment is an effective procedure for getting pregnant even if you are having infertility issues and also find here IUI Procedure step by step.

Let us understand this procedure in detail.

Candidates of IUI

IUI treatment is recommended to the couples in the following conditions

  • Infertility of males
  • The condition of Hostile cervical mucus
  • If the couple is suffering from unexplained infertility
  • If alone fertility drugs are not sufficient for getting pregnant
  • If women want to get pregnant with donor sperm
  • Intercourse is difficult due to sexual pain

IUI is not recommended to the patients of

  • Females having blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • The condition of severe endometriosis
  • The patient is having past pelvic infection

IUI Procedure

It is the simple procedure so can be performed in the fertility clinic, so there is no need to hospitalize.

On the treatment, day couple is asked to visit the clinic and then the male partner is asked to give semen sample that is achieved by masturbation.

If the male partner cannot visit the clinic on the treatment day, then frozen sperm can also be used for IUI, and if the male partner is unable to give sperm due to infertility, then donor sperm can also be used as per the permission of couple.

In the case of frozen sperm and donor sperm, a sperm sample is thawed and prepared before the treatment. Then the sperm is washed with the special procedure to remove all the impurities.

Then the female patient is asked to lie down on the gynecological table then fertility doctor use catheter means a small or thin tube to inject the sperm into the uterus. During this process, the patient may feel mild cramping, but it is normal and get vanish after some time.

After injecting the sperm, the patient is asked to lie down horizontally on the table for some time and then asked to get up in the right way.

What to Expect Post-IUI

After the completion of the procedure, the patient can go home without any fear of falling down of semen as it is directly injected n the uterus. After the procedure patient is prescribed progesterone that is given via vaginal suppository. After a week of the procedure doctor examine the level of HCG with a blood test, and after 14 days the patient can have a pregnancy test even at home to know about the success of the treatment

Potential Risks

IUI is a safe procedure, but there are some potential risks associated with this procedure like

  1. there can be a low risk of infection
  2. there can be a risk of OHSS
  3. multiple conceiving risks can also be there
  4. IUI failure

All the above risks are very rare to happen but can be managed by the efficient and experienced fertility specialist by utilizing his best knowledge and experience.