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When overseas tourists come to Australia, one of the major cities many visits in the southern city of Melbourne, there’s always so much going on, from festivals to some of the world’s most iconic sporting events. Melbourne attracts visitors from all walks of life.

In this post, we’ll take a look at just a few of the key reasons why this iconic Australian city is so popular with tourists from Australia and overseas alike.

Festivals Galore!

Melbourne is arguably Australia’s most cultural city, and that’s why it plays host to numerous festivals all throughout the year. Some are small festivals, while others are huge, and many have been taking place annually for decades.

As an example, when it comes to music festivals alone, there are more than 30 major music festivals each and every year, including the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Beyond the Valley, Earthcore and loads more.

There is also the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, an event that takes in multiple venues around the city and attracts comics from all over the globe.

If you love your food and sampling some of the region’s best wines, then all throughout the year you’ll discover a variety of food festivals and wine festivals.

It really doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit the city, there’s guaranteed to be some form of the major festival taking place.

The Annual Running of the Melbourne Cup

This is Australia’s grandest and most famous horse race, and Melbourne Cup 2019 promises to be the biggest and best yet.

The race has been run annually since way back in 1861. It takes place on the first Tuesday in November but is actually a week-long party, full of festivities, parades, wining and dining.

The Melbourne Cup is far more than just a horse race. It’s a national phenomenon that grips a nation and attracts entrants and visitors from all around the world.

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Enjoy Some of the Best Food In The World

It’s true. Read up on what visitors have to say about the city of Melbourne, and you’ll soon learn that the place offers a culinary experience to die for. It doesn’t matter what your budget is either, as even some of the fastest and cheapest food around town is mouth-watering and tasty.

Being so multi-cultural, you can sample food from virtually every country in the world in Melbourne, and much of it is authentic, with staff and chefs from those very countries working in the restaurants and eateries all over the city.

Just north of the CBD is world famous Lygon Street. If you love Italian food and love a bargain, Lygon Street is where you’ll find loads of both. All the Italian restaurants and pizzerias are vying for your business, so they all try to offer you the best deal just to lure you through their doors and not their competitors’.

The Very Best Cafe and Bar Scene In Australia

It’s a not so secret fact that locals and visitors alike always compliment cafes in Melbourne on making the most delicious coffees around. If you don’t fancy a gourmet coffee, then these cafes offer up so many other delicious beverage choices that you’ll find it hard to make up your mind. Throw in some yummy snacks or a light lunch with your beverage, and you’re ready to explore the city some more.

Day or night, the bar scene in Melbourne is first class. Just the CBD alone is littered with small, trendy, and relaxing bars all over the place. Many are hidden in the small laneways that snake through the heart of the city. You and your friends can have a really fun night, just bar hopping your way through the CBD and seeing how many cool little bars you can discover.


The city is a shopper’s paradise, no matter what your budget. From high-end fashion on Chapel Street to the famous Queen Victoria Markets, which is the place to go to chase a bargain or ten.

No matter where you go in greater Melbourne, there is an eclectic mix of shopping opportunities to suit everyone’s tastes. The city never sleeps, and shopping never stops.