Imagine you have finessed almost every business process of your organization. You are at the peak of achieving excellence in all the obligatory domains to make progress. But even after putting your maximum efforts, you lack accomplishment in specific zones. There is something that keeps you from obtaining the complete customer satisfaction. There are several facilities that you have been emphasizing, specifically the outbound since it is conceived to hold more significance. But the fact is, this is where you forget that up-skilling the provision of inbound solutions is equally imperative. Also, some services are considered to be predominant, and they grab all the attention such as lead generation, third-party verification, help desk outsourcing, telemarketing, taking consumer survey, analyzing market trends and debt collection. But, one of the major reasons for your backwardness could be overlooking the mismanagement in an underrated genre such as order taking call center.

What is Order taking?

It is the first stage of Supply Chain Mechanism which revolves around analyzing the consumer demands, accessing their requests and entering the details in the database. This service is generally facilitated through phone calls or online platforms to make records of the requisitions appealed by the end user. Taking orders is an initiation of e-commerce by a highly professional team of expert operators that is proficient in pitching prospects by presenting the extraordinary features of the concerned brand and its products. They provide instant real-time resolutions to the reported queries, assistance on the specifications and functionality of a commodity and aim at increasing the count of customers.

How is it performed?

It might seem to be a cakewalk, but the employees have to take care of multiple factors while offering the order taking facility. There is a step-wise procedure involved in implementing the order registration service. It includes:

  1. Greeting the caller with courtesy
  2. Application of order processing by the purchaser
  3. Discussing the attributes of the bought article
  4. Taking down the elements of the demanded item
  5. Cross-checking particulars of the entry
  6. Restating the order details to the buyer
  7. Disclosing valid offers, discounts, and T&Cs
  8. Assurance and proof of high-quality services
  9. Final amount revelation and negotiation
  10. Up-selling and cross-selling of goods
  11. Final modifications and clearing confusions
  12. Confirmation of the order and placement

Why does it need consideration?

An order taking call center is extremely useful at the beginning of a sales cycle since you cannot directly jump to the closure. Without a proper representation of your products and services, a warm welcome of the callers, providing a brief and precise description of the utilities and guaranteeing the authenticity of the overall system, you cannot hit your targets. The following points account for the necessity of enforcing this solution in your organization-

Offers customized services

After enforcing the live order taking service, you can render state-of-the-art facilities to your customers by offering a personalized set of options. They can choose the language in which they can comfortably proceed with the communication, the medium of interaction other than calls, the change in time and location of delivery and the alteration in any of the product’s features. This is in the interest of the buyer such that there is no chance of dissatisfaction once the goods reach the address.

Provides 24/7 availability

The customers are again content with an around-the-clock assistance by the call center operators. It shows their dedication and willingness to walk an extra mile for treating the buyers well. A 24/7/365 availability of the agents attract the customers to a large extent as it ensures that the order can be requested, processed, canceled anytime. Moreover, there is no constraint on the span of calls during the provision of in-depth information about products and updating the consumer on the progress of each stage of SCM.

Promotes ease and comfort of purchasers

Since the order is accepted on call, through emails or faxes and the products are delivered to the purchaser’s door, it is a time and energy-saving process. The customers can relax at their homes and take every required step without much ado. The advanced technology is one of the reasons for quick and easy management of services. Also, the simple steps involved in this maneuver make it feasible for both B2B and B2C sales.

Employs a stable connectivity

Special emphasis is laid on administering the network issues in an efficient order taking call center. If the system is robust and there are no call disturbances, you can attract a long trail of customers towards your brand. You should understand that every call is important for your business. So, the latest software and tools should be established in the call center to improve the experience of the callers.

Handles large call volume

The extensive call invitations can be handled while registering the requests through techniques such as multichannel communication. It enables your reps to respond to a large number of calls and answer multiple queries simultaneously. In this way, you can serve the maximum customers at the minimum intervals of time.

Enables toll-free contact medium

This characteristic is responsible for drawing the attention of a wide range of prospects. When we specifically talk about the B2C lead generation, the primary concern of the end users is cost-effectiveness. Thus, this issue is resolved when you switch to a free-phone number. The buyers do not need to pay for seeking your support and that is in itself a huge driving force for escalating your growth rate.

Uses feedback collection and review

The order taking call center agents not only enter the details of a request in the database but also make efforts to retain the consumers after the deal is sealed. This involves distributing feedback forms to know about the customer’s experience and accepting suggestions for improvement.

Enhances customer satisfaction and retention

Therefore, the bottom line is that you can enhance your repute with the help of this solution. And the primitive goal of enforcing order taking services in your organization is satisfying the customers to the maximum extent so that you end up with long-term and strong business bonds.