With North Korea versus the USA, Iran Versus Israel and the UAE, and India versus Pakistan, the world war three watch is constantly vigil. Especially since the recent Hawaii false nuclear attack alarm sent a few thousand scurrying for ineffective cover.

The latest news in this arena comes from the Indian Pakistan border where recent tensions have led to the death of seven Pakistani soldiers and injured four more. This was a direct response to a Pakistani provocation that led to the death an Indian soldier on Saturday. India also reports that it managed to kill six jihadists from the Pakistani terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Recent tensions between the US and Pakistan have thrown light on how the Pakistani government supports terrorism and is in fact actively supporting them. The stopped aid to Pakistan and the Pakistani government has suspended any intelligence sharing with the US. President Trump claims the intelligence was mostly false anyway.

The head of the Indian Police, Director General Shesh Paul Vaid stated to the press that “We have recovered five bodies from the spot. I think six have died; one body is being searched for. They belonged to Jaish-e-Mohammad and information was that they are suicide attackers.”

According to reports received by Army and Police intelligence in India, there was an organized infiltration planned, and Vaid told reporters that “In the past few days, we were getting reports about possible attempts to infiltrate the Uri sector. The local Police force and the army set out ambushes in the Jammu and Kashmir area’s and received support from the Police forces central reserve to bolster their numbers.

As a result of the sneak attack, that was thwarted by the Indian police force and army, India’s Army Chief General Bipin Rawat sent a warning to Pakistan, blaming it for using terrorists instead of the regular army to fight its wars. General Rawat went on to state that if the Pakistani government does not stop its escalation, testing the Indian resolve, they will resort to using Nuclear weapons to finally stop Pakistan. This is Rawat’s calling Pakistan’s bluff.

Both India and Pakistan are nuclear-weaponized countries, which means that the use of these weapons could spark a global nuclear war where another unstable regime such as North Korea to deploy their weapons in confusion.

General Rawat has told reporters “We are using our might to teach them a lesson. If we are forced, then we may resort to other action by stepping up military offensive. Ceasefire violations by Pakistan frequently happen, to which we respond effectively. We will take even stronger steps against our enemies if we are compelled to do so.”

There is an unstable cease-fire between both countries, but the Pakistani government is constantly checking the Indian border with sneak attacks and has tried to infiltrate and destroy Indian infrastructure at least 720 times in the last year along the Jammu and Kashmir borders.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Khwaja Asif retaliated to Rawat’s comments but stating that the General’s remarks were “not befitting his office.” Minister Asif uses Twitter, just like President Trump, and tweeted “Very irresponsible statement by Indian Army Chief, not befitting his office. Amounts to an invitation for a nuclear encounter.” He added that “If that is what they desire, they are welcome to test our resolve. The general’s doubt would swiftly be removed, inshallah.”

It seems that the only winner in any pre-emptive dialog is Twitter, having its platform used for delivering state messages including threats of war.