The world is full of magnificent places. From the deepest jungle to the driest desert, each region is unique and special in its own way. Because of this, many people enjoy traveling in their spare time to various locals in search of the beauty and unique qualities that each place on earth provides. There are many reasons to travel, sheer enjoyment is only one of the many. Other reasons include attending schools and seminars, job-related travel, visiting friends or family, searching for a new job, the list goes on and on. The location you head to will be entirely dependent upon your personal reason for traveling in the first place. If you are traveling for work, you will undoubtedly have a predetermined destination. The same is true if you are traveling to attend a school or seminar. On the other side of things, if you are traveling simply for the enjoyment of a trip, your options are vast. One amazing place to visit for any reason is West Palm Beach in Florida. The sand, the surf, the amazing surroundings will all have you wanting to stay as long as possible. What you will find here is facts and interesting tidbits of information about this amazing location. Also included is information to make traveling to this Florida city a breeze.

First, a bit of background about the area. There are quite a few cities in the state of Florida, each with its own unique history. This particular city is one of the three major cities located in South Florida. West Palm Beach officially became a city in the year 1894 which was an entire two years before Miami became an official city. It remains the oldest municipality in the Miami metropolitan area. This city spans a total of 57.69 square, approximately 2.56 square miles of this is water. The city is a part of a larger area referred to as “Palm Beaches.” This area includes Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Shores, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach. The entire area has a wet season and a dry season. The latter begins in November and runs through April. May brings in the wet season which will stay put until October.

Now, some interesting facts. This area is a great place to travel any time of the year, especially if you love hot weather. Because this area is near the Gulf Stream, it always has mild winters and always has the climate of a tropical rainforest. Having this climate year-round means that there are quite a few varieties of tropical plants growing around the city. This weather provides the perfect environment for certain businesses to thrive. Among these are water parks and SCUBA diving. In this particular area, SCUBA diving is often referred to as “drift diving.” The reason for this is the current of the Gulf Stream is so strong that a diver need only stay still and the Stream will carry them on their way. The diver drifts along as it were. If you love the water, but SCUBA diving is not for you, there is an amazing water park called Rapids Water Park. The park sits on 30 acres of land and includes a wave pool and a whopping 35 different water slides.

There are many attractions to this city, among them is the Palm Beach Zoo. This zoo takes up 23 acres of land and has over 190 animal species with a total animal count soaring over 550. This is a very impressive zoo with amazing habitats and creatures to behold. Another major attraction is the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. This ball field has enough fixed seating to hold 6,500 people. It can also handle an additional 1,000 people along the berm of the outfield. The city is also home to an outdoor amphitheater that sits on the waterfront. Before the amphitheater was built, the location held a Holiday Inn. There is a convention center in the downtown area that is 350,000 square feet. This center is called the Palm Beach County Convention Center. There are several museums in West Palm Beach. The two most notable are the Norton Museum of Art and the Richard and Pat Johnson Beach County History Museum.

This amazing city is also home to many festivals. Every year it hosts to the Palm Beach International Film Festival. In the year 1982, the city played host to Sunfest, an art and music festival held in April and May. This festival boasts an attendance of 275,000 people every year. There is always something going on, that simply depends on when you are in the area.

There are many fantastic restaurants in the Palm Beach areas, and West Palm Beach is no exception. The city is rather large, so there is plenty of room for all of the wonderful delicacies that can be found throughout the city. Here is a list of some of the very best restaurants in the city.

  • Echo
  • Table 26
  • Bimini Twist
  • Pistache French Bistro
  • Avocado Grill
  • The Melting Pot – Palm Beach
  • The Cooper
  • Cafe Chardonnay
  • Village Tavern Boynton Beach
  • Double Roads Tavern

These are only a handle full of the marvelous restaurants that you will find.

Now that you know about the attractions and the great restaurants, you will need a place to stay. Here is a list of the top hotels. This will only be a sampling of all the various choices as there are many hotels to choose from. These are simply some of the top rated choices.

  • Hyatt Place
  • Hotel Biba
  • Residence Inn by Marriott
  • Courtyard
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Red Roof PLUS+
  • Quality Inn
  • Ramada by Wyndham
  • La Quinta Inn
  • Bea’s House

Florida is home to many wonderful cities, but West Palm Beach is certainly one of the best. If you have the chance to travel there, you will inevitably have an amazing time. There are so many sights to see and events to attend. Museums to peruse and beaches to check out. There is something for everyone here. Of course, if you hate warm weather, this may not be the location for you, but even so, you may want to reconsider.