Hey Homies, We are sure that you know how to get rid of dust and dirt with mobs and dusting clothes, but have you ever wondered if there’s a more natural way to knock out cleaning tasks? We’re looking into different ideas for cleaning department to make life super easier.

To choose ideal detergent and other cleaning supplies play a vital role in our daily life. Here you go some great tips that are going to help you while cleaning your home and utilizing items which are already available in-house.

Dish wash

We wash dishes with the infused bar or liquid dish wash right? So, here you get alternative to it. You can also use mustard in a dry form and baking soda to make homemade dishwasher! Make a mixture of baking soda and dry mustard into a ratio of 1:3. Take water in a bottle and shake batter well with the powder. VOILA!! You have a natural homemade dishwasher.


Dusting again! Yea, it’s painful to do after every 7 to 8 days with a cloth, but dust remains there. Here’s a hack for you just take an old sock, vinegar, and water. Pour half glass water and one glass vinegar into a spray bottle and shake well. Take a hose and put it from one side also does spray. Surely, you will get a good result, and it’s an easy procedure to clean it out without irritating fingers.


Girls, do you find difficult to wash your blender or do you have a fear that maybe your fingers get injured? If, yes then don’t worry we got a fantastic hack for you. Now, it is not at all difficult to wash it. Fill the half of it with water and put few drops of liquid soap. Give it a gentle shake for about constant one minute and start using it. Enjoy this cleaning hack and keep blending!

Ring stain on wood

Have you seen stain marks on the sides of your table? Do you have ever tried cleaning them? If not yet, here you go with a superb hack of it. Use your hair dryer to remove rings of tea and water from wooden surfaces. Once warm, wipe with olive oil, and it’s clean. Yaay! Have stain-free tables.


It looks awkward when your mom scolds you because of your hairs which are stuck on the mat. No, need to worry. Put plastic squeeze gloves or rubber gloves on your hand and start to pick up hairs. Now, your hairs will not be a hack. Have healthy hairs!

Gas burners

Greasy burners take the beauty of the kitchen, and it’s not accessible to clean them. Usually, we change the burners instead of washing them. Now, it won’t be going to get difficult anymore. Take ammonia and the plastic bags together. Now, get the burner in a plastic bag with a one-fourth cup of ammonia and keep it overnight. Wipe the burner with a sponge. You are now a cleaning queen.  Hook up for the crown!

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the beauty of houses what if, you see a mesmerizing roof with a dirty fan? Eww! Though it’s not easy an easy task to clean the fans every day properly but we have to clean them regularly as it’s an obligation to keep the place clean where you are living. It’s not difficult now just put a pillowcase on the blade and then slide it off. The dust will collect in the case. Do each blade one at a time. Shake the pillowcase outside and then launder as usual. Happy Cleaning!


When we come to art, glitter comes first to the mind and yeah every time it gets spilled everywhere. Now, it makes an artist off too because he has to bear it for a whole week. But, it’s a smart world we got a solution of it. Take play dough and pick up your spilled glitter. Yaay!

Refrigerator grills

After a month whenever we open a fridge, it needs to get clean. AH! It’s a hassle for us to keep all things out and clean them, but plastic food wrap is a blessing for all queens. Cover the grills with plastic wrap and keep your refrigerator refreshing and welcoming for six months or more.


Zinc in utensils puts a mark on the kitchen. The grater is a useful utensil for kitchen queens, but particles got stuck in it. How to take it out? We have an answer for you. Take a potato and grate it on grater as it contains anti-aging who removes zinc as well as particles which stuck in it. Happy Grating!

Odorless heat and cool

Does your AC or heater smells or making the environment unpleasant? Use a tape dryer sheet to get odorless environment. Using room sprays and scented candles make it prominent. Dryer sheet hack is going to be the best solution for it. Have pleasant surroundings!

Bathroom Parts

Most of the times we have seen the sticky particles or watermarks on bathroom parts because we use them and they usually are wet which also create rust on them. Use a hack, clean them with a lemon and get your shine back.


Using a detergent for washing is a damn normal practice. Do you want your clothes to be brighter and cleaner? If yes, then use a combo of baking soda with the detergent powder. This way your clothes are going to get brighter in colors too.


Fog, dust, climate, and stains are a significant issue for those who use glasses. No need to worry, take paper towel soak it in vinegar and clean your glasses. Get wonderful sights!

Small pieces of glass

Never use your hands to pick up the shattered pieces of broken glass from the floor. Just grab a solid piece of bread and press it hard in the downwards direction. It is going to magnetize all the shattered pieces, and your fingers or feet will remain woundless. Stay safe!

We are hoping that you find these all the hacks helpful and useful. Happy Cleaning!

Author Bio:- Emilie Burstein is a professional content strategist these days working at a company providing cleaning services in Canberra. She loves to write about passions, improvement, and other related niches!