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5 Useful Yoga Asanas That Will Help You Detox Your Mind

What is a yoga asana? Asana is another word for posture. More traditionally translated as “comfortable seat,” a seated pose generally used as a form...

Moving Beyond Bitcoin: 4 Great New Cryptocurrencies

Unless you've been completely ignoring the rapidly-developing world of cryptocurrency trading, there's no doubt that you've already heard about the historical rise and fall...

Rehab 101, Article 10: Choosing the Right Rehab Center

There are a lot of excellent choices to be made when choosing a rehabilitation center; however, since rehab is a personalized process, it is...

Rehab 101, Article 1: Introduction

This is the first article in a series of ten articles, that will discuss and present the current state of drug rehabilitation. In each...

Rehab 101, Article 2: Detoxification

Introduction The first step in rehabilitation is detoxification, to understand where this sits within the overall picture, here is a quick look at rehabilitation, or...

Rehab 101, Article 4: Treatment

Introduction Treatment solutions are personal. This is because every person’s brain chemistry and physiology are different. Apart from the differences in substance tolerance, there are...

Rehab 101, Article 6: Recovery

There is much debate about the use of the word recovery. Is an addict considered recovered after detox? After leaving a rehab program? When...

Rehab 101, Article 7: Counselling

All addiction treatments incorporate counseling along the entire process. Counselling comes in a variety of methods, and they include: Twelve-step programs Client-centered approaches Psychoanalysis ...

Rehab 101, Article 8: A Brief History of Drug Abuse

Drugs in various forms have been used by humans since the dawn of time. Recorded history provides us with documentation of this usage, and...

Rehab 101, Article 9: Religion and Drugs

Rehab 101 Article 9: Religion and Drugs Narcotics have been used in religions since the dawn of time. The first users were shamans to induce visions...