Let her be clumsy, or let her be slim;

Young or ancient I care not a feather;

So fill a bumper, nay fill to the brim;

Let us all toast the ladies together

It’s always a great time for all the women to be in high spirits.

Women hold key positions in every aspect of the trade, from production to management to fashion and everything in between, and their endeavors and creativity are recognized by everyone of both sexes.

Over a short time, we’ve come across many women who have shattered gender norms and pushed the industry to a new level with much-needed class and finesse that only a woman can bring.

There are things that girls are known for doing that are still somewhat foreign to other girls. Let’s hope that there are some girls out there who can relate to these “girly girl” things that not all girls do.

Well, to start with all the girly things; the list goes endless, but here are some of the great ones:

  • Every morning having the same dilemma, what to wear
  • The happiness they get after putting that perfect EYE MAKEUP
  • Staring at the phone even though they don’t receive text/call in order to avoid that awkward eye contact with strangers at public places
  • Shopping is their birthright and so is bargaining
  • And lastly, they are die-hard romantic movies fan (especially Korean movies), and some do believe that they will meet that one perfect guy in their life just like in movies

These were some of the funny beliefs which are carried along with girls, no matter, whether they carry the same notion or not. They have to bear with the fact. But now is the time to know the girls out there. Let us explore them.

1. Life is not always perfect with a closet full of Tulle, Frills, and Glitter

But everything is just better with a little sparkle.

For real, glitter is always labeled as girly stuff. Sure, the shimmery aspect of it may make people think a girl is involved, but many girls hate this stuff more than guys do. It gets everywhere (mainly events or birthdays), and glittery things aren’t always liked by girls. So don’t assume that just because it has glitter on it, girls will like it.

2. Girls who aren’t afraid to break the stereotypes even when they are younger

Salute to the girls who grew up playing in the dirt, who ran outside barefoot and weren’t afraid to be themselves. Adolescents become bound by the habits they create.

3. Practically Beats Fashion every Time

True Style is not the clothes you wear; in fact, there is always a way to adapt to the minimalist style, although it does not always reflect to a particular style, but it gives the impression of an apparently moderate luxury. As girls always want to stay updated with the latest fashion hacks, they should try to cope up with fashion trends 2018.

4. Girls are more ahead of doing makeup on a daily basis

It’s not always commendable to understand how every other girl has the time and ambition to do hair and makeup every day. It’s a good day to wear real pants.

Girls are known for their style conscious and trend lover. No matter they are boy’s girls they are keenly interested in fashionable looks and vogue personalities. And the other type are much beyond them. They like to stay casual.

A girly girl embraces her femininity. Being a girly girl is a personal choice, and no one pressurizes you to act in a way you are uncomfortable with.

5. Waiting for a knight in shining armor just isn’t what they’re about

Girls are raised to hustle like a man because they are told not to depend on anyone.

But the concept of Prince Charming is very much alive inside every single girl’s heart; as the qualities may vary; it’s not all about looks, being a prince, but there are more qualities added to it.

6. Friend groups change with time

Just because Becky and Florence are their best friends for life right now, does not mean that Becky won’t move to Italy and Florence won’t kiss your boyfriend. Things change, and it’s okay.

You’re going to be fine. It’s actually pretty exciting if you think about it.

As In the hierarchy of relationships, friendships are at the bottom. It is very important to know that is your bond still as strong as before; and whether you are sharing dreams and witty banter, a unified team against the world just like always? Or things have gotten strained or a little distant, like your moods aren’t quite matching up, or you’re not talking the same language.

This can happen for one simple reason: Time

7. Adapting to Healthy Lifestyle at the tender age

Learning healthy habits at a young age is important for living and to fulfill lifestyle as an adult. It becomes very difficult as, by age, one needs to deal with the stressors of work, family, and other obligations; although it is possible to change bad habits later on in life. It becomes their responsibility to teach the importance of wellness at an early age to set teens up for a lifetime of healthy living.

8. Girls hate to be generalized

Girls hate generalization at least 50 times more than guys do. Why? Well, because girls want to feel unique. They want to feel like there’s nobody out there who is just like them.

So when people assume that girls like something because it’s girly stuff, they are pushing them into a certain category, and they are being bunched together with people they’re not like.

9. Girls have a signature accessory

The fashion icons all have one thing in common: a signature accessory in their wardrobe. From GAP to H&M to Taylor Swift’s red lip, every girly girl has one. Girls know which trends will and won’t work for them. Friends always ask for hair or makeup. And they happily lend their expertise. There’s nothing girls love more than getting ready with their girls.

These were some of the bullet points for all the girls who act mature but still have some girly effects in them. Cheers!