Premium cars have consistently attracted the attention of drivers around the world. And this is not only because of the original technical solutions or beautiful exterior but because of unsurpassed comfort and luxury, which simultaneously symbolizes the prestige of its owner.

As for ratings, most often they are based on certain statistics. If in some cases, the popularity of cars can be understood by the frequency of appearance of models on the road, the situation with luxury cars in the United States is somewhat different. Based on the following Thrifty car rental USA review we present the statistics of the most popular luxury cars that are available for rent in the US…

Mercedes A-Class

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This is the fourth generation of the legendary car, maintaining the classic tradition of reliability and quality. Outwardly, this Mercedes combines modernity and a classic look, typical for premium cars of the German manufacturer.

Speaking of the innovations, we should note the original LED lights, which are perfectly combined with the car grille. The interior has been made as spacious as possible, and instead of the standard dashboard, two screens have been built in – they display the main technical parameters of the car. Screen sizes can range from 7 to 10.25 inches, depending on the car configuration.

The multimedia system is represented by the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) complex, which has an intuitive control. It’s possible to regulate its work with the help of small touchpads located on the steering wheel. The suspension is standard for most modern sedans, the engineers applied proven solutions. The basic version uses a four-cylinder, turbocharged M282 engine, which provides the power of 163 hps with the volume of 1.3 liters. At low loads, the middle cylinders can shut off. Also, the model can be supplied with a new 2-liter 190-hps engine. The transmission is presented with 7G-DST, whose seven gears allow you to make the most of the car’s power unit.

BMW 8-Series

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Actually, it’s hard to imagine a premium car rating without BMW cars. The BMW 8-Series Coupe got the newest G15 body, which is technically very similar to the fourth generation of the 6-Series.

The car grille remained double, but it was made larger. The original addition is the headlights, which are a bit like the retractable optics of the E31 body from the eighties. Stiffeners on the hood and extenders on the rear fenders complement the image and make it much more aggressive.

The interior is also very impressive. The main material of finishing is leather, which allows you to feel yourself in a truly expensive car. The electronic dashboard is presented with BMW Live Cockpit Professional – its size is 12.3 inches. The multimedia system has two main screens 10-inch and miniature one, controlling the work of climate control. Hard disk and efficient RAM allow you to work not only with standard programs, but also with Skype and Microsoft Office 365.

At the moment, the manufacturer announced only two engine options, which is offset by the ability to connect a large number of options. So, every car enthusiast will be able to order a car completely for his needs. Among the interesting features that cannot be found in most of premium cars are the laser-headlight and night vision system.

Bentley Continental GT

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The manufacturer announced this car as the best vehicle in the Grand Tourer class. The two-door body has a classic appearance, as the designers decided not to avoid the company’s traditions for the sake of fashion and retained the main features of the Bentley. The new details include more massive car grille, oval parking lights and main headlights, as well as tips on the exhaust pipe.

The interior uses only high-quality and natural materials that can be called the crown feature of Bentley Continental. The basis of the finishing is made of genuine leather and wooden inserts, with particular emphasis on the dashboard. Designers decided to make it virtual, and it opens when the ignition is turned on.

The model is equipped with a 635-hps 6-liter W12 TSI engine with the latest generation of turbocharger, which not only guarantees the supply of fuel, but also regulates the operation of the power unit. The maximum speed is 333 km/h.

Jaguar E-Pace

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(photo by axisboldaslove1)

For the first time Jaguar E-Pace was presented in Frankfurt in 2017. The appearance of the car is very memorable, primarily due to the spectacular combination of matrix LED optics and the classic false radiator grille. The bumper is decorated with massive air intakes.

The first thing to notice in the interior is the visual separation of the driver’s seat from the rest of the salon. Automatic transmission is controlled by a joystick.

Special attention is given to a roomy trunk, which is perfect for those who like traveling. The model has many additional options, including media system offered to choose from in three options.

The basic version is equipped with a 150-hps diesel engine. Options with a turbocharger with the power of 180 and 240 hps are also offered.

The all-wheel drive system is intelligent: in normal mode, the gearbox transmits all the effort to the rear axle. If there are difficulties in the process of movement, the effort is distributed along the axes depending on the peculiarities of the road situation.

Audi Q8

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(photo by AUDI AG)

For the new Audi Q8, the MLB Evo modular platform was used. It features a multi-link rear suspension and a double-lever front suspension. In fact, it belongs to the spring type, but its complex includes electrically controlled shock absorbers. You can also choose a pneumatic version of the suspension, which changes the car’s clearance from 164 mm to 254 mm making possible to really adjust the off-road capabilities of the car.

Visually, the car looks modern and aggressive. This is facilitated by sports elements in the exterior. Especially it’s necessary to pay attention to optics, for which LED devices are used. They are placed in the oblique headlamps, giving the car a predatory look.

The interior is not too different from other Audi models. The main difference is the abundance of high-quality leather in the finishing. Also, a modern virtual dashboard and Bang & Olufsen audio system deserve the attention. The default model is all-wheel drive and works with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The basic diesel engines have two versions, while the top version offers one gasoline engine. In addition, the most powerful diesel and gasoline power unit can be supplied with the Mild Hybrid system.