The most important and useful fact of a smartphone camera is that is that it is easy to carry and you just need to take it out and snap a quick photo whenever, wherever the mood strikes you. You don’t have to carry the weight on your shoulders. DSRL offers you a significant picture. If you want to take your photography to the next level, then there is no comparison of DSLR. People tend to use those gadgets which are easily accessible and portable.

Every picture has a story; it is connected to emotions or memory. You don’t need to wait for the DSRL to capture that moment. In recent years, some technologists have suggested that smartphone camera technology will eventually become so superior that people won’t be using or asking for a DSLR.

Many phones are capable of capturing raw files as well as JPEGS, which can be edited afterward and when it comes to editing you can mold your picture in different ways. You can play with its brightness, exposure, sharpness and noise reduction. You can edit your photos in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom CC. You can produce an image which will look beautiful on the web, and you can take print any size.

It is slightly tricky to share pictures from DSRL; you have to transfer the data to your laptop, carry a wire or card and a laptop with you to post it. However, you can directly post images on your phone. Smartphone technology has improving day by day, you will see in coming years it would be capable of producing images comparable with high-end cameras, equally impressive features and capabilities.

DSLRs are interchangeable lens cameras; they allow the users to change the lenses according to the scenario, while smartphones don’t accommodate lenses. With a DSLR, you can pick a 50mm full-scale focal point for portrait photography, empowering you to capture exceptionally nitty gritty portraits. The iPhone 6S’ front camera is just 5 megapixels, which implies you shouldn’t expect that your phone will take next level portraits.

DSLRs photographers use zoom lenses for the objects which are not close enough to capture them clear and sharp. The smartphone does not have the ability to zoom; it only gives you the option of doing so. It enlarges the portion of images which have grains on it reduces the clarity and sharpness. DSLRs have impressive battery life, and the users can go for days without changing the battery.

Professional photographers use DSLRs for wedding photography; its results are more efficient and comparative to a smartphone camera. DSLRs are necessary for wedding photography; there is no compromise in this scenario. If a person is holding a DSLR taking a picture, no one will object because it gives a professional impression. You can choose a good one after reading reviews at credible websites like TechEngage.

Travelling is already hectic for the travelers as they are carrying a ton load that is necessary for their trip. It would become more hectic for them to carry DSLR with them as it put extra weight on their shoulders and it needs extra care while carrying it. They won’t be able to enjoy; you can always carry a phone in your pocket that is easily accessible and easy to handle. You don’t have to change the lenses, all you have to do is to take out your smartphone and capture all the beautiful moments.

Smartphones memory is not bad as it has a lot of capacity, it also gives you an option of inserting SD card on your phone. Certainly, you also put an SD card in DSLRs, so there is no comparison in memory. Although, DSLR takes more memory than a smartphone because its image size is higher. You probably already have a smartphone but to buy a DSLR, you need a certain amount of financial investment. It’s an expensive and serious piece of kit; you now have to buy protective bag or case to prevent it from an accident. You also have to add high-quality of SD card in your budget. Smartphones are expensive, but they also give you a lot more except a camera.

Smartphone cameras are easy to handle, you have been using it since you were born. You have been using it so long, and there are no specific operational buttons to capture the image or start a video, it’s easy to use. DSLRs are complicated. First, you have to buy a camera afterward you need to practice it. People take classes to learn how to use it; I don’t find it user-friendly as it comparatively complicated setting the light and IOS, etc.

Which Is the Best-Smartphones-DSLRs

As you know smartphones are getting better and better at capturing images year by year; soon smartphones camera will be competing the DSLRs. Are we at that point, or might be approaching towards it where it won’t make any sense to buy a high-end professional camera? Now we have iPhone X, have iPhone 7 plus with dual lens who need DSLRs?

As for which camera seems to be “better,” it helps to remember that ability and skill matters to the same extent as the devices. It is conceivable to take a clumsy shot with a high-end DSLR or an honor winning photo with a cell phone, depending upon the photographer holding the camera. At the end of the day, the person behind the lens is similarly as vital as the camera and its specs.

Technology has mastered our lives in this day and age. We have a hand full of choices and we can make effort of embed technology in our lives i.e. Smart homes, businesses i.e. TechAbout, and interpersonal dealings i.e. social media networking.

A DSLR is fun and valuable, however, it’s by all account, not the only method to take part in photography as a hobby. Truth be told, there are some extremely capable photographers using just their iPhone cameras to take pictures.