Whether you are an adventure lover or not, one thing is for sure – you simply cannot ignore the allure of an enchanting beach. Highlighted below are some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches you should visit before you die. No need to spend an hour to find adventures places around the world. The task it really simple go to the websites like; Redshed (My Favorite) and visit the travel category you will get numerous adventures things to do.

  1. Diani Beach

Kenya’s coastline is lined with numerous out-of-the-ordinary beaches, and Diani Beach is one of those. This beach resort has a wildlife service minutes away, and just like that, one can visit the forest, and then back to the ocean.

This beach could very much be the cherry on top for beaches that aim at being something close to heavenly. In Diani, even the coral reefs keep the area clean and spotless from any seaweed. It has very many palm trees and a fascinating lagoon. It has many restaurants of flush quality and shopping centers that will satisfy your every need.

  1. Anse Source-d’Argent.

This beach from Seychelles is just the place to visit for your holidays; especially for the lovers of snorkeling and swimming. It is among the very popular beaches, having many holidaymakers each year that give it its famous reputation.

Among many beaches in Seychelles, it could be the best-known, located in one of Seychelles most breathtaking locations; the La Digue Island.

  1. Bathsheba Beach

This is a major attraction for surfers to catch the grandest of waves and watch the “Soup Bowl” when the waves create lovely scenes with the beach sand and rocks.

It is also a place for photographers who want to get inspired and challenge themselves artistically at the beach. Found in Barbados, the beach has stunning views to look at that will stir up the creative mind. It is located at Sandy Beach in Christ-Church, Barbados.

  1. Yalong Bay

You may have heard of the“Oriental Hawaii,” and it is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in China. It could seem a little overcrowded in public places, but there are many hotel groups with private beaches that you can visit. It is located in Sanya on the Hainan Island and has a white sandy-beach that extends to about 4 miles and is crescent-shaped.

The bay has a World-class golf-course that is strategically placed in a prime area, not to mention the many green rolling hills that offer an impressive view and a cool shade. It has the perfect weather with a temperature of about 23 degrees Celsius in January.

  1. Nyali beach

In need of a peaceful and calm atmosphere? Nyali beach in Kenya is just the beach for you. It is located in the coastal land, Mombasa, and has many high-class beach resorts that have posh accommodation for the visitor on vacation.

It caters for those that just want to lay back and let go of the worries of the world. Unlike many beaches in the region, the Nyali beach is private, and its visitors have space and freedom to feel unconstrained from overcrowding.

  1. Cabbage Beach

You may have seen surrounding areas of this beach in movies like “Pirates of the-Caribbean” and some James Bond films. This beach is in the well-known Bahamas and is quite close to the very famous resort in Paradise Island.

It has very many tourists (and many celebrities) round the year; and is just the place if you want to meet people from all over the world. It is close to the Atlantis-Resorts Bahamas, which is a huge land packed with luxurious hotels.

  1. Waimea Bay Beach

Waimea is the ultimate point for surfers with the urge to catch monster waves during the year. It is located in Honolulu. It is a fascinating piece of land, and the ocean can rise to 30ft. The beach is a little dangerous to inexperienced swimmers during winter. As the waves are very strong at that time, the beach is under the constant surveillance of lifeguards who ensure that the people are safe while they have a good time.

You may also visit Mother’s Beach, also in Honolulu, which is a calm section of white sand and suitable for families to play and to spend time in the tranquil atmosphere that the beach so lavishly provides.

  1. Shanzu Beach

This tropical beach is not one to lack many visitors who are attracted by the elegant services provided, and the lovely views of the sea and its numerous water spots.

It is the perfect place for the free spirits who seek experiences to stir up their venturesome soul. The beach is located 30 km from Mombasa.

  1. Myrtos beach

Covered with breathtaking views of the ocean over hill cliffs, it is regarded as a prized beach and is prided to be the most beautiful in Greece and one of the most dramatic.

The area around this beach has panoramic viewpoints, and it is a strong contender among the breathtaking beaches in the world. It has very clean and blue water. It, however, has many stones and you may not be in your coziest walking barefoot.

  1. Cape Santa Maria Beach

This is, as they say, the dreamlike cocoon that makes you forget time. A paradise in the Bahamas’ Out-Islands. It has wonderful scenes that give it an intimate feeling and would be best for lovers who want to travel, chill, and know one another deeply.

The locals in this place are very friendly and will greet you. It is close to Cape Santa-Maria Beach-Resort & Villas, where upscale services are the norm. This beach lies in Long Island, and the water temperature is an average of 80 degrees around the year.

  1. Robberg Beach

South Africa prides in this pleasant beach. It has a very long stretch of sand which you may walk along while looking at dolphins pierce from the water with their majestic dances and jumps.

You can visit the beach even at cold times of the year as it is a prime place to spot whales during the winter period. It has the Robberg Beach-Lodge which offers 5-star accommodation at very well discounted prices. The lodge has wonderful and spacious rooms that offer a peek at the grand view of Plettenberg Bay.

  1. Ras Nungwi Beach

This beach is in the exotic and famous spice island, Zanzibar. It is a friendly place where you will experience the lovely culture of the people and its stunning views.

Nungwi has the Ras-Nungwi Beach-Hotel which overlooks the spectacular Indian Ocean and has top-class facilities with a blend of modern and traditional tastes. It is situated in the most northern peninsula of Zanzibar.

  1. Waikiki Beach

Turquoise water, village Hula shows, beautiful yacht harbors, fireworks, and really quiet shade are just among the few of blissful and entertaining experiences you will get on Waikiki. As is popularly known, Hawaii is indeed a tropical oasis.

You will experience the people’s rich culture and visually appealing land. Surfers can get to visit the statue of “the Great Kahuna,” Duke Kahanamoku who’s considered as the father of modern surfing.

  1. Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe is situated in Bermuda and is active throughout the year. Many events are hosted on the beach such as Bermuda-Day celebration as well as kite flying, and others.


This is one of the most visited places in the world, and you’re likely to either enjoy that or be put off by the way it is overcrowded. Regardless, the Bermuda Catamaran-sail & snorkel tours, the stunning ocean water, and the crystal caves will take your breath away.

  1. Matira Beach

This fascinating beach is located at Bora Bora at Raititi Point in French Polynesia. You can visit the beach freely, being a public beach and you won’t have to pay the hefty five-star hotel prices.

The water may be a little murky in February, but you will enjoy seeing the local people as it’s not commercialized. You will love relaxing there under the warm sun as the cruise ships sail by.


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