When getting your small business off the ground, it is imperative to continually set goals. It is not enough to have just started the business; you should set deadlines to meet the needs of your ever growing company and customer base.

Set Goals

Setting goals keeps your business fresh and innovative, keeping p with the fast changing trends of the market. An acronym worth remembering, pertaining to setting goals, is SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). Creating goals that stick to these standards will ensure that you aren’t setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic goals.

Add to Your Customer Base

It is just as important to reach to the far end of every corner of the market for new consumers as it is to build relationships with your current consumers. Your business simply will not grow if your client base stays stagnant. Put together a market analysis to help you find these new customers. You can find out things like where they live, work, and spend their downtime to more efficiently market to them. You may even want to consider adding new products or services, within the realm of your business that will attract new customers.

Get Social

Another great way to find a new customer base is to utilize as many relevant social media platforms as possible. You’ve seen it happen, topics and videos and campaigns spread like wildfire in a matter of days once they are posted to social media platforms. It is a fast and free way to get your brand known; you can have consumers actively participate in campaigns and respond to feedback. Posting statuses such as new promotions or discounts will also be helpful in getting viewers to your site.


Search engine optimization can be your best friend as well. In a nutshell, SEO involves ensuring your website is accessible, technically sound, incorporates keywords that people type into the search engines, and is user-friendly with quality content that helps answer the user questions. The factors will aid in bringing your site to the top of the list on search engine queries when someone is browsing the web for a product you sell or a word that may be included in the name of your business.


All businesses start from the start, taking the first few steps can be scary but worth it. It may be a random idea or a dream you have had for years that is finally coming to fruition. For example, AvaCare Medical started in a garage. Two people cleaning up and fixing used medical equipment to donate to those in need. Today they serve the nation with both online and brick and mortar stores. They too had to grow and along with the technological advancements in recent in the near past, they have developed new goals, found ways to attract new customers, utilized social media, and developed an effective SEO strategy to keep up with current trends, making their current customers happy, and attracting new customers along the way. In summation, you are never fully done growing, but take comfort in the fact that you have so many tools available to you to keep you innovative and relevant.