When people think landscaping, they picture an acre of land with colorful flowers and a cool breeze in the air. Unfortunately, not everyone has an acre of land solely dedicated to landscaping. Most people don’t even have a plot of land dedicated to such except it’s a community garden and in such situations, there’s a high chance you cannot make said garden into your own personal utopia. You may think that if it isn’t a big garden it won’t be worth it. Perhaps only have a small patch behind your house that you can cover in ten to twenty steps and you’re thinking it’ll never be like the ones you see on television or in the magazines. Truth is, it probably won’t, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. You have to make do with what you have. So in order to help you, here are nine landscape designs that you can replicate in Georgetown, Texas as well as the rest of the world.

  1. Garden Arbor – This design often gives one nostalgic feeling. It is achieved by creating a walking path, sort of pillars but instead of being made with bricks they’re made with wood or sometimes iron. This can be a long pathway or a short one. They have arched uncovered roofs and the best part is, you can plant beautiful vines around it. These vines will adorn the wood posts by twirling around it and giving it a special feel. This landscape design can be done with minimal space as it can be achieved with two wooden posts on each side. You can purchase whichever type you want, however, if you think you could handle the challenge, you could make one yourself.
  2. The Secret Garden – Unlike the book, this garden may not hold that many secrets or spirits. However, it still maintains the charm that has made it a cornerstone in landscape designing. For this design, you will need a larger amount of space, and it is best done in the backyard. The idea is build a small arbor in the middle of the space you want to use. Then you’ll plant flowers of your choice around the arbor leaving a pathway to enter and exit the arbor. This creates a cosy and wonderful space to sit and relax with family and friends.
  3. A Colorful Green Welcome – This landscape design is for the front yard. The pathway into the house is the only patch of land left untouched. The rest bloom beautiful flowers and grass making the entrance into your home extra special. It provides fresh air and is also eco-friendly.
  4. A Private Corner – This landscape design is perfect for small, private spaces. If you’re in need of a meditation area or just a place you can go to relax and take some time off, this design is perfect for you. You don’t necessarily need many plants directly in the soil. You can have plants in pots situated around the area and have a seat in the middle of your arrangement. It could also be a seat at the edge of your backyard garden. It is an amazing and cost-effective way to relax.
  5. A Green Court – This design is more suited to larger spaces. If you’ve got a large backyard and you don’t know what to with all that space, here’s an idea. It should have a gate, whether wood or iron that will lead into the garden. The garden itself should be circular in shape with a space in the middle, in imitation of a circle. The empty space in the middle could hold a chair, a small homey sculpture or if you can afford it, a fountain.
  6. Floral Array – With this design, you’re free to plant as many flowers as you wish. As long as it can be contained in your space. The idea is to have a plethora of flowers not a messy maze of flowers. These flowers will be watched and cared for especially in order to make sure they don’t grow wild. This particular design may be hard to maintain if you’re not willing to dedicate quite some time to it.
  7. Floral Path – This design is similar to the previously mentioned “green welcome.” The only difference between both designs is that this design is centered on flowers as against the other design which uses grass, green plants and flowers. This landscape design is for the flower lovers. You could plant your favorite flowers around the pathway. When they bloom your pathway will smell beautiful and look beautiful.
  8. Relaxation Area – As the name implies, this area is solely meant for relaxation or hanging out. It is not intimate in any form. It is airy, not enclosed in a tight space or corner. This area could be for guests/visitors. It could be in the front yard or backyard depending on the space available. It’s a standard garden with a large space in the middle. There should be no flowers or plants in very close proximity instead there could be a covered sitting area with several chairs and a large table. The family could also eat meals in this area. It could also be ultra modern with sofas and sleek tables instead of the traditional chairs and tables.
  9. Flower Pots and Beds– At first glance, this landscape design may not be appealing. However, it has its own perks. It’s minimal and easy to maintain. All you need is a small patch of land; it doesn’t need to be more than fifteen steps. You could plant different flowers in the beds and pots. With time, these plants will grow, and your front yard will be transformed.

It is important to note that the process of transforming what you have now into your dream garden will be a long, arduous and enjoyable task. If the space you want to dedicate to gardening is a large space, you might want to invest in a spreader. A spreader is a machine that is designed to spread seed, fertilizer, etc. A great place to purchase a spreader is spreaders.com. They offer specialized varieties such as litter spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, lime spreaders and several others. Remember, your landscape design will only be perfect if you make the best of what you have.