Motion Design Company
Motion Design Company

What does the motion design company do? This question is surely of interest for many clients who come to us for our services. Firstly, it is worth starting as a whole with the concept of motion design – what it is, why it is needed, and what goals it pursues.

In short, it is the creation of graphics in two-dimensional space with moving objects. That is a static animation and creation of a single video product with the help of such objects.

The motion design’s job is to combine the animated material, the text and the soundtrack to the video in one composition, which in total gives an animated video perceiving by three channels of feelings at once – sight, sound and brain perception.

In the complex, it has a stronger impact on the emotional perception of the viewer: the text makes you put attention on the video, and the sound and graphics are imprinted in the memory in a bright way. The main task of motion graphics is to attract and retain attention maximally informing users about the product.

At the same time, the motion graphics has nothing to do with the cartoon. It has short footage, literally in seconds or a few minutes as usual, during which the main idea is transmitted, or the main message that carries the video is delivered. It has its bright sides, that are:

1. The brevity of presentation, speed of delivery and perceptible content are indispensable factors for business advertising in conditions of the limited time.

2. Large capacity and easy learning – in a short clip contain the main idea, defining the concept, a large amount of information.

3. Instead of boring text – a spectacular and stylish video. The overwhelming majority of users prefer the video image to the text, so motion graphics are so in demand.

What Is the Task of the Motion Design Studio

In order to convey accurately all the features of the motion design company, we give as an example the algorithm of the work of the Darvideo studio.

To create an effective animation, in addition to talent and inspiration, we use the consistent implementation of the following actions:

• We select the target audience for which it is created – the animated images will be completely different for the training center, for example, and for a large production holding;

• We discuss with the customer and define together the goals and style of the project, present the final result of the animation and select technologies and toolkits for creating motion graphics accordingly;

• We project all the tasks and conditions to the technical task, where the requirements for the project are clearly stated: the main idea, product’s specifics, the duration of the video and screen saver, deadlines, methods of payment.

• Create sketches (storyboard) and prescribe the script for each scene;

• We develop animation, add the necessary effects and a music layer or voice-over text.

The motion graphics are designed to convey the key idea and main concept, and this should be made as clear and simple as possible. This is the main functioning of the motion design studio.