If you want to make your life more exciting and rich, then you should carry out trips at least once or twice a year. It is always a good idea to visit spots that can add some information and thrill in your life. You can bag so many cherished memories and lovely experiences once you go to different places.

The Capital: New Delhi

Have you ever been to Delhi, the capital of India? The city is not at all disappointing regarding tourism and richness. Maybe you have always heard about the business and traffic when talking about Delhi, but there is a tourism side too.  You can even find comfy lodges and Rooms in Delhi for Unmarried Couples for your stay over.

Jama Masjid

It is known as Masjid-i Jahan to.  It is made up of gorgeous red sandstone and crystal white marble.  The mosque is a seventeenth-century structure that is a vivid example of Islamic art, faith, rich architecture and  Mughal’s Legacy.  The mosque encompasses three gates, four towers and two minarets that are forty m in height. The northern gate here possesses thirty-nine steps, the southern gate has thirty-three steps, and the eastern gate has thirty-five steps.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is one of the most outstanding architectures of Indian masterwork.   Maharaja Jai Singh II built it. He was from Jaipur. The spot emerged in the year 1712 A. D.  the structure of Janter Mantar  is a splendid one and has fourteen geometric devices that are used in small intervals for measuring time, predicting the behaviour of platens or simply estimating changes in weather.  All the products here are placed and pointing towards some particular direction.

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is situated on southern outskirts of Delhi. It attracts people for its amazing architecture that is shaped like a lotus flower. The temple belongs to Bahai faith.  Lotus Temple is open to all regardless of caste, gender, and faith. It might interest you that the temple is formed of twenty-seven marble petals. These are set in concentric bunches. The lawns enveloping this temple are icing on the cake.

Humayun’s Tomb

Delhi certainly is a paradise of historians. Most of the activities of Delhi circle around Mughal Dynasty. The splendid garden tomb is the foremost considerable example of amazing Mughal architecture in India. It was formed in year1565 A.D.  here in this walled enclosure, the most eminent features are  beautiful garden squares coupled with pathways water channels. The centrally located well proportional mausoleum crowned by double dome. You can witness various graves of Mughal rulers inside this walled enclosure.

Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah

It is devoted to Sufi mystic Nizammudin Auliya, a charming religious leader. He lived in 13th century. This Dargah is snuggled in packed part of Nizammudin west. It is a main holy spot not only for Muslims but for people belonging to diverse religions as well. the temple houses tombs of great thirteenth-century Sufi poet Amir Khusro,  seventeenth-century Mughal princess Jahanara Begum and nineteenth-century Sufi musician Inayat Khan.  The environment of this shrine is extremely tranquil.


Visiting the dargah of Nizamuddin Aulia is a must when you are visiting old Delhi. This is one of the oldest mosques in India and inside the complex; a Sufi session is arranged every session which is an absolute soul-stirring experience. In Mehrauli, there is dargah of Bakhtiyar Kaki, which is the oldest shrine in Delhi. Every Thursday evening, one can visit here to listen to Sufi music which is a lifetime experience for one.

Purana Qila

Old Delhi as said earlier has a different charm altogether. That is why; most people while visiting Delhi, pays a visit to the Purana Qila. But having a boat ride there is a different experience altogether. The adjoined lake which is present there has a boat ride facility. If one can hire a boat and spend viewing the sunset from there, it is a mesmerizing experience.

Red Fort

This will keep you reminding on the Mughal dynasty which once ruled India and formed the Delhi sultanate. The walls of this fort cover an area of 2 kilometers to keep the invaders keep out of it. At present, one can get to see a brilliant light and sound show in the evening.

Chandni Chowk

If you want to taste the famous street foods in Delhi, then you have to visit Chandni Chowk. This place is peculiarly old Delhi with narrow lanes adorned by food stalls and other merchandise shops. Though it is congested this place has a charm which one cannot ignore.

Qutab Minar

This is the tallest brick minaret in the world, and it was built in the year 1206. This tower has five stories, and the walls have intricate carvings from the verses of Holy Quran.

Things to consider when booking a room

Business travelers are required to take into consideration several aspects, to make the right choice when booking a room. The amenity check-list that has to be identified is as follows:

  • Communication (Copies/Fax): Last minute information transfer can be made possible only if the hotel has basic communication equipment such as fax machine and copiers.
  • Wi-Fi/Internet: It is important for business travelers to stay connected with their management, colleagues, third-party vendors and clients all the time during the travel. Emails and messages are part of the travel, and hence, uninterrupted net service at the hotel should be the top priority.
  • Dedicated conference/meeting rooms: At times, repurposing the ballrooms or other room types may simply make the meeting to backfire. Hence, there should be dedicated meeting rooms in the hotel ready with all the necessary amenities.
  • Wall sockets: The hotel room should have functional wall sockets to plug in the laptop or other equipment.
  • Recreational activities: After a long, hard day, the guest may be interested in indulging in leisure activities, check out the lounge area or simply lie down besides the pool.
  • 24/7 concierge services: Business people are always on the move and will require traveling at short notices within the city for various purposes. If so, they should be able to get travel bookings, car bookings, and other facilities through the hotel’s concierge desk services that should be open and functional round the clock.
  • Breakfast and dining option: The hotel should also offer its guests with in-room or restaurant dining options, which should be quick, healthy and nutritional.

Selecting the best business hotel can prove to be an ideal place especially for the weary travelers who can get adequate rest during their trip and also focus on their task at hand.


So, it was a quick peep into a few of the tourist spots of Delhi.