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The world of online casinos is a vast sphere. You know of the most popular games, such as poker, video poker, slots, progressive slots, blackjack, roulette, live dealer, and sports betting, among many others. There are several websites where you can play these games anytime and anywhere, including ทางเข้า ยูฟ่าเบท or UFABET.

And did you know there are a whole lot more other online casino games you can play at UFABET? In this piece and discussion, we are going to talk about the other online games you can play on this website that you may not know about. Get to know more about online games pok deng, online lotto, teen patti, and French roulette.

Pok Deng

Let us start with pok deng. For those who have not yet heard about or encountered this online game, this is a Thai gambling card game where players aim for a hand wherein the ones digit beats the dealer’s while considering flushes, three of a kind, and pairs. Pok deng is also known as pok kao or pok paet pok kao because of the eights and nines being high and desirable values.

Here are the basic steps of play with pok deng. First, the players place in their bets. Second, the dealer shuffles and deals two cards among each player, ending with the dealer. Third, each player can stay or draw a card. Fourth, the dealer may compare their hand against selected players. Then, the dealer may also draw a card and compare their hand against the rest of the other players.

Online Lotto

Online lotto is simply lotto that happens on the Internet. But unlike the brick-and-mortar lottery, there are certain things that online lotto has. Let us get to know more about online lotto up next.

There are two kinds of online lottery. The first are online lottery agents and the second are lotto betting sites. Online lottery agents buy tickets for the players, for you. Lottery agents are online lottery platforms that buy these tickets on your behalf. These companies generally have satellite offices worldwide and send their agents to purchase the tickets. Most of these lottery agents will also scan these tickets and send the copy to the players for proof of ownership.

More often than not, these lottery agents are middlemen. You are paying more than the price of the ticket for these agents to physically purchase your ticket. It is vital that you check their handling fee prior to clicking the purchase button. If you choose not to pay the commission, then a lottery betting site is more suitable for you.

Lottery betting sites are websites that do not purchase tickets for you. Take note that the ticket prices are usually similar to those in brick-and-mortar shops, without the handling fees. So how do you get access to official lotteries if they do not purchase tickets on your behalf? Well, you do not.

These lotto betting sites do not purchase tickets on your behalf. These sites are present, so players only bet on the outcomes of official lotto games. In other words, they are not really providing entry to the games they offer. You are simply a spectator, nothing more. Of course, you can still win real money in here, but you will have to do your part. Make sure the website in question has an excellent payout record, has regulations in place to ensure players can receive their prizes and is regulated by a gaming commission.

Teen Patti

Teen patti, which translates to “three cards” in English, is a form of gambling card game that has its origins and roots in the Indian subcontinent and is renowned throughout South Asia. Furthermore, it originated in the English game, three-card brag, which has its roots in poker. This game is known as flush or flash in some areas.

Teen patti is closed associated with Hindu celebrations, other than being a social game. It is commonly played during Diwali or the festival of lights.

How to play teen patti? Teen patti is usually played among three to six players using a 52-card pack without the presence of jokers. Just like other poker and rummy games, the game starts with players placing their bets. Generally, there must be a fixed amount in place that players must be willing to bet prior to the distribution of the cards. After a player has placed in their bet and the boot amount has been collected from everybody, each player is dealt with three cards face down. The bott amount is the lowest amount of cash at stake kept in the pot. This pot sits in the middle of the game table.

The moment the players and the dealers are dealt with three cards, the next move is to make a raise or call. If you have played poker before, this step is roughly the same. To make a call indicates the player will go on in the game. However, they will not raise their bet, whereas making a raise suggests the player will be adding more cash to the pot, risking winning or losing more than their first bet.

However, betting on this game is not similar to poker. In teen patti, you must have all your bets in equivalent amounts. Meaning to say, once a player makes a bet of two coins while the other player places four, the previous player must put four more coins instead of just two to the earlier two.

As the game progresses, the cash amount also grows and is won by the player who stays in the game until the hand’s completion and has the highest hand or best hand. This is decided on the cards ranking from the highest to the lowest.

French Roulette

French roulette is generally the same as the other versions of roulette, but there are special bets you cannot find elsewhere. French roulette is considered more complicated than American or European roulette because the potential wagers are many-bets-in-one.

Here is how you can play French roulette. First, you place your bets on the layout, which is unique from a European roulette layout. Then, you make your announced bets by calling out the bet type. You will need to familiarize yourself with various French phrases when betting on French roulette.

If you decide on the full or maximum bet, remember these are 12 different bets in one. Then, the ball is released by the croupier. The croupier calls out “no more bets” when the ball starts to drop into the wheel.

Afterward, the losing bets are collected, and the winning bets are paid. Sounds simple, right?

By this time, after learning all the basic things you need to know about the games you may not know are included on the UFABET website, you can start playing. UFABET is accessible on many platforms, including mobile.