Most people are contented to travel to similar destinations, renting a car to drive around familiar places, or lounge on another white sand beach. However, if there are some that seek that extra thrill of something new. An adventure that is not necessarily dangerous, but definitely exhilarating and provides great memories, experiences and lots of photos.

To get some idea’s, I visited some great sites, such as,, and as well as Each site provides a different range of adventure packages for all budgets. This means that you don’t need to be rich to enjoy life, you just need to be inquisitive and find the trip that suits your means.
When you decide you want to travel, check online with these sites, or others if you find them, to view dates. Most adventure holidays are seasonal since they require specific weather conditions. Here is a list of a few amazing trips I think you will enjoy.

Site: Large Minority:
Country: Philippines
Adventure: Sailing for non-sailors
Price: $1,840 per person, flights not included.

If you are a sea lover but don’t know how to sail, and want to experience an easy to learn sailboat while drinking cold Coke’s (or Lager)? Sail under a clear blue sky surrounded by white beaches, deep blue waters and plenty of uninhabited palm tree islands? then the Philippines is the place to be. With this adventure taking place near Boracay, the Philippines leading commercialized tourist spot will challenge the non-sailor to learn seagoing skills on a skippered “paraw” trim in the most enjoyable environment you can think of.

Site: The Adventurist
Country: Mongolia
Adventure: Participate in the Mongol Derby
Price: around $12,995 per person

This is one of the toughest adventures you can take and requires horse riding skills before you decide to take it. This is not for the faint of heart or unfit, it is a 1,000-kilometer trek through all of Mongolia and is so dangerous that it has 25 traditional horse stations (Morin Urtuus) spread across the way and large support service of medics, physicians, and veterinarians available always. On average, you will ride around 160 kilometers a day.

Country: The Maldives
Adventure: Whale Shark Diving
Price: Depends on vacation package, A 6 day stay for a couple of overwater suite costs around $13,250, diving prices are daytime $125 per person and $600 at night

This is a classic white sandy beach and lots of relaxation vacation. You can spruce it up with some adrenaline packed action when you decide to go whale shark diving in the Indian sea waters. The Mirhi Island Resort is one of the most beautiful Island resorts in the world and provides an exceptional package including diving from a 55-foot yacht with only a snorkel and a line connecting you to safety.
Mirihi Island Resort, South Ari Atoll, Maldives; +9 606 680500; Trips throughout 2018

Site: Saddle Skedaddle
Country: Japan
Adventure: Cycling from Mount Fuji to Kyoto
Price: $5,773 per person

If you are a cycling enthusiast and want a different venue with plenty of fresh air, beautiful scenery, amazing food, history and culture, and lots of modern amenities along the way, then you should take a 12-day cycling trip from Mount Fuji, ride around the Five Lakes and ending in Japan’s Feudal Capital Kyoto.

Site: Large Minority
Country: Brazil, Colombia, and Peru
Adventure: Kayaking and piranha fishing in the distant Amazon
Price: around $2,000 per person, flights not included

Surrounded by dense foliage, the Amazon rainforest will provide a lot of terrifying covers when you paddle in your dugout canoe along the worlds longest and most dangerous river. Giant snakes, poisonous tree frogs, huge spiders and plenty of mosquitos will accompany you along the way. You can fish for Piranha and hope they are not fishing for you. At night you will rest in the forest, meet indigenous people and dream of cannibals and drums in the night.

Site: Large Minority
Country: Sri Lanka
Adventure: A 1,000km tuk-tuk challenge
Price: around $1,740 per person, flights not included.

This is a 10-day tour of Sri Lanka seated in a colorful tin can on wheels. This is a 1,000km competition adventure, where competitors are provided a list of Sri Lankan sites to visit and mark on their map (Like the $1million race) with only the use of Tuk Tuk’s which can be unreliable, slow and cramped, but definitely hilarious and full of fun. There are support teams on site all the time, and you will encounter wildlife on the way.

Site: The Adventurists
Country: Russia
Adventure: The Ice Run: Motorbiking across frozen Lake Baikal
Price: Per specific quote

Lake Baikal is a natural wonder in Russia’s far eastern provinces. Close to Mongolia and China, this amazing lake freezes over, and you are invited to enjoy this natural wonder on a bike. The adventure starts and finishes in Irkutsk; you will ride across the Russian Steppes, over the deepest lake in the world and enjoy the natural views and local hospitality along the way. Support teams are constantly following your progress.

Site: The Flashpack
Country: Norway
Adventure: Glacier walking
Price: around $2,015 per person

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, providing an icy challenge all year round. This adventure takes you on a walking trip across some of the worlds largest glaciers including the Huagabreen glacier, and Jostedalsbreen National Park. You will also be able to choose to kayak in some of Norway’s beautiful fjords and to drive around Norway is an experience all unto itself, with amazing over the mountain view roads to 25km tunnels as well as sea roads with stunning, breathtaking views.

Country: Italy
Adventure: Cave diving in Tuscany
Price: $237 per room per night

Photo: Will Appleyard

Tuscany provides beautiful scenery, historic sites and exceptional food and wine. It also provides a unique experience diving in warm waters underground. Staying in a luxury Tuscan Villa, this amazing house is built over a natural cave formation filled with thermally heated waters. Grotta Guisti provides an exceptional and unique diving experience. After which you can enjoy the relaxing view of the landscape or the pristine first-class accommodation.
Grotta Giusti, Via Grotta Giusti 1411, 51015 Monsummano Terme; +39 0572 90771

Country: Spain
Adventure: Dive to Lanzarote’s Museo Atlantico gallery
Price: $559 per person for the PADI curse and museum dive

Spanish Island Lanzarote provides a 5-star experience set in the world famous Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort. You will stay in a Luxurious resort, providing you with a cultural experience that is not found anywhere else. An underwater museum and art gallery with shifting exhibits due to sea movement. After which you will enjoy the decadence of five-star hotel life. This is the life work of sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and provides 60, life-size sculptures, which are accessible to new and experienced divers.
Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort, Av. Papagayo 22, Playa Blanca, Yaiza, Lanzarote; +34 928519300; trips throughout 2018‎

Country: Namibia
Adventure: Rhino Trekking
Price: around $6,942 for six nights

Most African Safaris are standard 4×4 trips into the wildlife reserves. Wilderness safaris provide a more adventurous spin on this type of vacation; it takes you up close on foot to these massive beasts. Experts from Save the Rhinos will lead this expedition into the Namibian reservations and desert.

Site: Tauck
Country: Canada
Adventure: Heli-exploring the Canadian Rockies
Price: $5,568 for a seven-day trip, including all meals, helicopter rides and use of mountain equipment

You might like to ski on accessible mountains, but would you dare to ski from a remote site where man treads very rarely. Bugaboos Adventure takes you by helicopter to some of Canadas remotest locations, and there are a lot of them. You can hike, climb and ski the Rockies to your heart’s delight. This is 72-hour adrenaline packed icy adventure for he fit. Before you take off, you will go through a two-day acclimatization process in Banff National Park.