E-Commerce is a booming industry and is growing by leaps and bounds across the globe! Modern e-commerce companies have revolutionized the way we sell products – it brings about accessibility, low-cost, and convenience for the customer in an instant!

In today’s dynamic business arena, the key to overcoming competition lies in selling products through the e-commerce pipeline. It is the best medium for firms to cut across some unnecessary levels in the supply chain and bring about a system of operational efficiency in the selling process.

In the recent few decades, we have witnessed a radical increase and growth in the mushrooming of e-commerce based small businesses and startups. This makes for a highly cluttered e-commerce market space, with intense business rivalry and a struggle for survival. Modern e-commerce firms face some diverse challenges in their everyday functioning too, such as:

  • Managing superior quality levels and at the same time offering low consumer prices.
  • Remaining profitable despite continually reducing profit margins.
  • Eliminating intermediaries and unnecessary levels in the supply chain.
  • Difficulty in handling a vast number of orders across the country.
  • Trouble is communicating with customers and maintaining a good relationship with loyal followers.
  • Receiving negative consumer feedback in a hyper-digital world.
  • Keeping the online e-commerce portal sleek, user-friendly, and convenient.

With all these huge problems and struggles, it often becomes difficult for small e-commerce firms to thrive in today’s business ecosystem.

So what is the solution? One wondrous platform for e-commerce companies that can help them enjoy the benefits of seamless business processes and keep their customers delighted is the integration with a quality enterprise resource planning system.

ERP integration can help online stores manage massive amounts of information related to orders, item inventory, shipping, and tracking in a centralized database. It facilitates the smooth exchange of vital business information between departments and helps team members make better business decisions due to the availability of real-time data at hand.

Why You Need To Integrate ERP With Your Online Storefront:

There is no doubt that the future of ERP and online e-commerce companies lies in streamlined integration and adaptability. ERP software suites are the best way to manage your e-commerce business in a competent manner. Let us have a look at some compelling reasons that will help you understand why your e-commerce store needs ERP integration:

  • Complete Control Over Business Processes-E-commerce is a tricky business and needs a smooth and structured business model! Getting a sophisticated ERP software platform is a great way to optimize business processes and help your organization’s top leadership retain complete autonomy over company operations. An automated and intelligent ERP system will help your small business reduce errors, eliminate daunting manual tasks, and have an organized database of up-to-date real-time information. Integration of business practices with state-of-the-art ERP systems can help e-commerce companies attain a substantial competitive advantage over rivals and fast track them on the path to success!
  • Enhanced Flexibility in Expanding Operations – The e-commerce industry is proliferating rapidly, and most small companies increase business operations in sports spans of time by going the global way! Keeping up with the changing regulatory and legal compliances of different countries is indeed a challenging aspect, and any error can even lead to a penalty or legal action. With the integration of an automated ERP system with your e-commerce business model, it is straightforward to cross national boundaries – all region-specific requirements such as taxation, labeling, and intensive documentation are taken care of in a clockwork manner!
  • Elimination of Time-Consuming Manual Tasks- Integration of a radical ERP solution means that there is complete automation in all repetitive and manual time-consuming procedures. There is no requirement to keep a huge work staff for tedious data- entry jobs, as all previous manual tasks are handled effectively through the click of the button. There are also no discrepancies or errors, leading to a highly efficient and productive work atmosphere that thrives on maximum output or yield. So make sure that your e-commerce store gets the best ERP software in the market to reduce manual labor hours and thrust up your overall bottom line results to great heights!
  • Minimize Inventory and Operational Costs – With all the critical data between your e-commerce store and ERP systems harmonized, it becomes extremely easy for managers to view data at a glance and take better business decisions. ERP software makes it easy to plan for smooth order delivery, reorder diminishing stock items, and maintain the required inventory levels at all times. It is the best way to reduce wastage and remove inefficiency in daily functioning, as all information is managed through a central platform comprehensively. So reduce all further operative and back-end costs by investing in an excellent ERP software system for your e-commerce business!
  • Customer Delight- E-commerce is the most radical technology that has surely changed the lives of millions of consumers across the world! ERP systems make online portals efficient, easy to operate, and convenient – taking care of all their shopping requirements in an instant. There is complete transparency in all operations, and order management is a user-friendly process molded to suit customer’s personal preferences. Customers can view their shipment details, track order delivery, and even view past purchases – all this helps in enhancing customer satisfaction to the highest possible level and provides the best customer experience to your loyal target base!
  • Kick up Productivity- E-commerce integration will help your organization manage and fulfill all new orders, regardless of which geographical location the sale is made. It maintains a central repository of information of all products, inventory, finances, and order details – all this real-time information is a huge help to team members as it helps in seamless and uninterrupted work processes. There are no time lags, delays, or wastage of materials that lead to 100% efficiency in operations. Accurate and consistent data leads to speed in workflow, better employee morale and stronger engagement across all levels of the business.

ERP integrated online portals are the future of modern consumerism and have made an absolute positive transformation in the e-commerce industry! The complete access to precise and timely information makes order fulfillment, stock management, shipment, and payment processing a simple task – pumping up organizational efficiency and productivity!

So, make sure that your act smart and fast – do not delay implementing ERP integration for your e-commerce business. It is the golden key to success and can help your firm achieve long-term corporate goals with ease. Leverage the power of ERP integration to keep your e-commerce store profitable and delight your consumers with an exceptional experience.

Author Name: Simoni Shah

Author Bio: Simoni Shah is working as a Software Analyst in SoftwareSuggest, a business software discovery and recommendation platform. Her areas of expertise include ERP software, law firm software, compliance management and learning management system. She has a decent experience in project coordination, business development and dealing with global clients.