summer accessories trends

Want to step up your fashion game this season? We know a trick that doesn’t involve any major wardrobe makeovers or high-end purchases.

It’s all about elevating your look with some statement accessories. And lucky for you, summer fashion is all about going overboard with your accessories.

That’s because this time around you aren’t layered up with bundles of jackets or comfy sweaters.

We’ve already explored the many ways you can find the right jewelry for your outfit. So this time around we decided to list down all the accessory trends that are making a big wave in 2019. From hats, headbands, basket bags to rhinestone key chains―we’ve covered them all for you.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the fashion closet!

Here are the five fantastic accessory trends that everyone is talking about:

summer accessories trendsBobby Pins, Bows and Bands

Feel like it’s too hot to put your hair down?

No worries! Big beach-waves might be the ultimate look for this season. But you can’t go wrong with a statement hair accessory these days. That’s because then fashion frontier is buzzing with hair trends that are all about the old-school hairdos.

We’ve seen an array of bows, bobby pins and headbands on the streets this year. This list of accessories might remind you of your schoolgirl days. But that’s the only nostalgic thing about this trend. The idea is to ditch the prim and proper looks for some quirky hairstyles.

For instance, you can opt for a big, bold color or floral print for your headband. Or you can tie your hair with not on or two but a handful of vividly colored bobby pins.

So it’s all about bringing in your quirky side in the cute as a button trend.

Boho Chic

Meet the holy trinity of the boho world―Feathers, fringes, and tassels!

Spring/Summer fashion collections raised things up a notch with their feather-centric looks. Their couture looks were paired off with feather-frenzy footwear, fluffy bags, and some dangling earrings.

ummer accessories trends We realize that this look might not be your cup of tea. Yet, there is no harm in dabbling in a little bohemian look by donning tassel earrings or slipping on feathery flip-flops.

Mad about Hats

Is summer the unofficial hat season?

Probably! We can’t complain about this rule because we need that extra coverage when we’re strolling on the sandy beaches. This is why the wide-brimmed straw hats are our crowd favorite in this weather. Plus, they add a contrasting element to our vividly printed summer dresses.

However, if you wish to change things up a bit, then you can always opt for other hats. The current trends show that bucket hat, paperboy hat, or baker boy hats are leading the pack right now. The best way to style them is with your regular jeans and T-shirt look. While the bucket adds a colorful element to your outfit, the baker boy hats add a sophisticated touch to your monochromatic ensembles.

Want something fancier? Then take a leaf out of the Royal Family and start donning artistically designed hats or fascinators. We feel it’s an ideal accessory to try out at the next summer wedding/ garden party that you get invited to.

Bring on the Bling

Looking for something glitzy?

Pearls, rhinestones, and bejeweled embellishments are the way to go. Sparkly accessories are the best way to transform your casual wear into party wear. So raid your grandmother’s closet for her pearl necklaces or pearl-drop earrings. You can also try out the local vintage shops to get your hands on the dainty items. These statement pieces automatically add a sophisticated vibe to your ensemble even if you’ve donned something simple.

The great thing about this trend is that your jewels aren’t restricted to jewelry pieces. You can even buy rhinestone key chain or bejeweled brooches to amp your style quotient.

Pro tip: Want to prevent your shiny pieces from getting rusted or ruined due to the environmental elements? Then you should invest in metallic keepsake boxes. Not only do they protect your accessories from the elements. But they also add another glittering element to your summer closet.

Excess Baggage

Bags, bags, bags everywhere!

From date nights, club nights, and corporate events to casual hangouts with friends―we all need an arm candy to complete the look. But what sort of bag will look apt for your summer vacation?

We’ve got not one or two but three bag-centric trends that’ll bring versatility to your ensembles.

Here’s a look:

summer accessories trendsClear Bags: Dare to share the contents of your bag with the world with crystal clear bags. This fashion trend is a waterproof way to spend time at a pool party or on the beach. It ensures that your essentials are protected at all times. And that you stay on point whenever you’re out and about the city.

  • Basket Bags: A perfect match for your straw hats―basket bags are the hottest commodities this season. The woven bags bring a rustic and picnic-chic vibe to your summer style. They’re also pretty practical for shopping sprees due to their sturdy structure.
  • Fanny Packs: These sporty bags are a must-have for your street style. They are part of the miniature bag brigade that prefers looks for sensibility. But unlike, those mini arm candies, fanny packs are designed with lots of pockets. So you don’t have a problem in keeping things organized when you step out of the house.

Let’s Sum It Up…

On the whole, there are lots and lots of ways for you to switch things up this season. You can either stack your stylish accessories together or pick one focus accessories. The trick is to pick something that fits in with your everyday style.

So which of these trendy summer accessories is your favorite?

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