Africa is home to great people with different cultures, great landscapes, and a vast flora and fauna. The continent hosts endless attractions that will make any trip memorable. Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting Africa.

Mozambique’s beaches

This island nation has up to 2500 kilometers of prime beach land. The country guarantees sun, surf, and sand at any one of its many beach hotels. In Mozambique, you will get to explore the ocean through deep sea diving, snorkeling and guided tours.

The island nation is also close to smaller islands, which may offer you exploratory options. You can enjoy a helicopter ride over Barazuto, a stunning archipelago with great sandy beaches and one of the top resorts around the continent. You may get a chance to observe dolphins and whales from your bedroom at Azura retreat located on the archipelago.

The thundering falls of Zambia


Zambia is home to the Victoria Falls, which Zambians call Mosi-Oa-tunya, a towering waterfall that cascades up to 350 feet high. Almost 40,000 cubic feet of water sweeps down the waterfall every second to thundering noise. When the water level is low as a result of seasonal changes in rainfall, you can go swimming and diving at the Devil’s pool located at the edge of the falls.

The Zambezi river also offers other attractions as well. The Luangwa valley along the river has been nicknamed “the Garden of Eden “because of the vast animal and plant life that can be found here. The changing water levels cause changes in the composition of plant and animal life. You may need to visit Luangwa Valley at different times of the year to fully appreciate its beauty.

Namibia’s contrasting nature

Namibia is home to the world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert. The country is at the heart of the Namib, which merges with the Kalahari Desert. Deserts are not usually associated with great plant and animal life. However, Namibia offers an exciting treat in terms of flora, fauna and a few contrasting natural attractions.

Alongside high rising sand dunes, the country has a number of mountains. It may mostly be a desert area, but it has a beautiful coastline that offers a number of enjoyable activities.

You can go swimming, deep sea diving, snorkeling and boating in the ocean, as well as hiking, bird watching and river fishing in Namibia’s inland attractions.

You can also explore Namibia’s cultural heritage by observing and interacting with the San people who still uphold their ancient culture even with global urbanization.

Botswana’s wildlife and cultural heritage sites


The Okavango delta in Botswana is a big tourist attraction because it creates a unique environment in the heart of the desert. At Okavango, you will explore a wide array of animal and plant life. There are mangrove and acacia forests, beautiful islands that host leopards, hyenas, gazelles, elephants and up to 400 species of birds. You can experience firsthand the biggest migration of zebras around the world at Makgadikgadi.

Okavango is accessible by all means of transportation, and is a favorite with photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. Okavango also holds a number of cultural heritage sites, such as the thousands of rock paintings and art in Tsodilo Hills.

Lake Victoria bordering Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania

This lake is shared by three countries and is one of the biggest inland water bodies around the world. The lake features great marine and aquatic life and has a number of islands that are accessible by boat. It is also the biggest source of the Nile.

Lake Victoria is a good destination for a relaxing swim and boating experiences. Parts of the lake have white sandy shores that mirror the ocean. It also has a number of hotels and residential facilities that are conveniently located nearby and in all three countries.

Due to the variety of sights and activities on offer, you should research your trip thoroughly to find the ideal location for you.

The green city in the sun


Nairobi is the only city in the world that features a natural park and game reserve. The capital city of Kenya combines modern development with appreciation You can enjoy a great view of flora and fauna in the middle of one of the continent’s busiest cities.

For an unbeatable view, consider hiring a tour guide services to show you around both the city and the natural reserve. They will show you exciting locations that will inspire your next trip.

Hiking the Kilimanjaro

Located in Tanzania, the continent’s tallest peaks tower above the clouds. You can schedule a hike to the top of this almost 20,000 feet tall spectacle.

It offers a unique natural environment that features alpine meadows, small rain forests and a selection of wildlife that will make your hike an enjoyable experience,

If you are planning a hike, remember to pack heavy clothes and recruit the services of a guide. His excursion might be difficult for people without previous hiking experience.

The gorilla trek in Rwanda


Gorillas are quickly becoming endangered due to increased human activity. Few places around the world offer a view of different species of gorillas in their natural habitat. Even fewer places offer guaranteed protection for these creatures.

Rwanda has carried out persistent conservation efforts to maintain the gorilla populations in the country. The animals are protected and treasured, and are one of the country’s top tourist attraction.

You can observe these gorillas in their natural habitat in Rwanda’s gorilla sanctuaries, which are accessible on foot, making it a more memorable up close experience of these gorillas. Remember to get a Rwanda visa to enjoy a view of one of the best gorilla sanctuaries around the world.

Final thought

If you are planning a vacation, you should make a point to visit Africa. The continent has many attractions that will guarantee a fun holiday.

You should research into your preferred destination beforehand to ensure that you will be protected, and that environmental factors will be conducive for your stay.