You can never be too ‘safe’, particularly at home. Homeowners understand this all too well. If you have recently purchased a new townhome, condominium, or house, you know all about home insurance. Banks and mortgage brokers require this form of protection for their investment. Certain natural disasters (floods and earthquakes are typically excluded) are covered such as fire, windstorms, and thunderstorms. Home insurance protects the exterior of your home from the elements. However, when it comes to the inner components – the systems and appliances – there is a novel form of insurance available. It is known as home warranty coverage.

Less Demand for Home Warranties in Condos Than Houses in NY

As with all forms of insurance coverage and protection, proponents and opponents have a lot to say. For starters, home warranty coverage is not mandated by a bank or a mortgage broker – it is an optional protection. The merits of this type of insurance only become evident when you need coverage protection and you don’t have it. Assuming you are a new homeowner in New York, you probably don’t have much need for home warranty protection in your condo or high-rise apartment. Chances are you will need home warranty coverage as a homeowner in a townhome or a house. With so many more appliances and systems in your property, the chances of something going wrong are much greater in a house than a condominium.

In New York state and other north-eastern enclaves, whether phenomena play a big part in your decision to buy home warranty protection. It is a known fact that winter temperatures can drop sharply, causing pipes to freeze and burst, and electrical systems to shut down. In summertime, there are all sorts of problems to contend with, including AC units that are constantly running, swimming pool motors in need of maintenance and repair. These are but a few of the most important reasons to consider home warranty protection. Of course, if you have brand-new appliances, you will be protected by a manufacturer’s warranty for the first year. You may also enjoy complimentary home warranty protection if you purchase appliances through a credit card which offers such services as a value-added benefit.

How Do You Know When You Need a Home Warranty Plan?

As a general rule, it is important to note that appliances younger than 4 years old are typically functional and unlikely to break down. The older your appliances get, the less likely they are to go without problems. Refrigerators lose their cool, microwaves start leaking radiation, dishwashers don’t clean dishes as well, and boilers tend to start rusting and losing their functionality. The list of complaints that homeowners lodge continues to grow, and that’s precisely why home warranty protection plays such an important part in providing guarantees for your home systems and appliances. You can have a restful night knowing that you have insurance coverage against malfunctioning electro-mechanical, or plumbing components.

Home warranty coverage is far more widespread as you move away from big cities like New York to states where people tend to own bigger homes like Utah, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and the like. As a case in point, the Utah list of home warranty providers makes for interesting reading. The U.S. Census bureau unequivocally states that Utah features as one of the fastest-growing states – population-wise – in the country. An increasing population naturally lends itself to increased homeownership. This means that more people are using more appliances, and more appliances need to be protected against standard wear and tear. Careful selection of a home warranty providers such as Select Home Warranty or Choice Home Warranty can go a long way towards saving you from out-of-pocket expenses. Low annual premiums and affordable callout fees are typical of the best home warranty providers in states like Utah.

When choosing a home warranty plan for your house, it’s important to consider the level of coverage provided (plans and options), cost, and how responsive they are to customer queries. In mountainous regions like Utah, frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall can place tremendous strain on the water and electrical elements inside your home and outside your home. If you get snowed in and your AC unit stops functioning, you could be facing life and death situations. It’s important to get the best possible coverage with the most comprehensive plans. Other Western states like Colorado have also seen a sharp uptick in demand for home warranty services. Now, the Colorado list of home warranty providers includes top tier operators like Total Home Protection, Pride Home Warranty, and Select Home Warranty. As with any provider, it’s important to gauge their responsiveness, level of coverage, range of plans, and affordability. As the age-old axiom goes, ‘It’s better to have a plan and not need it than to need a plan and not have it!’

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