In this fast-paced world parents and children due to their respective busy schedule struggle a lot to spend a quality time together. Escape room games are a perfect night out or weekend special for family fun.

Escape rooms are a famous source of entertainment in Kansas City where a team of players is locked inside a room for one hour. The only way to escape is to solve a series of puzzles, riddles, find clues and crack codes. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

It is an ideal choice for parents to enjoy together with kids, deepen the bonding and work as a unit for a common goal. These games have something for all age groups and form an amazing common ground.

There are plenty of themes available in different escape rooms in Kansas City that will give you cherishable memories. It may be perplexing for you to decide which one to book for a family get-together.

To ease your situation we have listed nine astonishing escape room themes for families that will give you the time of your lives.

Pyramid paradox

The theme is specially designed to give you a Hollywood-like experience and is known as technician’s delight. The technology, sound and the lighting effects are awesome, and the tech puzzles are second to none.

The theme is all about your team exploring the ancient Egyptian Pyramid where you accidentally triggered a trap. You have no means to escape now except if you activate a fail-safe mechanism to exit.

In order to do so, you have to discover the secrets and decipher the clues, which is an exciting and entertaining journey.

This exhilarating theme in the KC escape room is must play for children and parents and can accommodate a maximum of 8 players. You will get facilitated room in KC escape which means you can get hints when in trouble or unable to progress.

Both the rooms of the Pyramid Paradox is challenging, and the benefit lies in splitting your team into two groups and play head to head.

Sorcerer’s secret

Sorcerer’s secret is another amazing theme for family fun as it is all about magic and mystery. This is a great theme to explore if your family members are magic lovers. Once you play here, you will feel like to go back and try again!

The backstory of the theme is the mysterious disappearance of your uncle, and you arrive at his magic shop to find Sorcerer’s secret. While searching for your uncle, you may have to encounter his rival the evil sorcerer.

In this process, Sorcerer’s curse befalls you, and you will get just 60 minutes to break the curse. All you have is one hour to assemble your family members, strategize the teamwork, solve puzzles, find clues, unlock keys and escape the magic lair.

The good news is that the room is moderately challenging so, everyone can have their share. So book your escape room, overland park and have a family blast. You will love working together and enjoy to see your kids thinking out of the box.

Beasley’s Billions

If you never had family fun at escape room then you must start with Beasley’s Billions – a theme to remember. These themes have really got fantastic reviews and people label it as one of the most fun and challenging escape room in Kansas City.

The theme is popular among children, parents, and grandparents for a great experience. The theme is all about visiting Uncle Beasley’s den with the objective to get hold of a portion of his estate. But uncle does not give his estate so easily and throws a series of puzzles and codes to solve in 60 minutes.

Only on escaping the room in time you will win Beasley’s billions and is a really well-designed game with wonderful customer service. You will really experience some cool things while cracking codes and people tend to come out with a big smile on their face.

The Beasley’s billions escape the room, Overland park allows more than ten members to play, which makes it appropriate for a family get-together and celebrate special events like birthdays or anniversaries.

Da Vinci Code

You will have an unforgettable adventure in this escape room, Kansas City because you will live the times of the great Leonardo Da Vinci.

The theme takes you to the scenario where you will receive a mysterious letter from an old history professor, Johannes Klosterberg, who appears to be in danger. You have to solve the mystery in 60 minutes and find the key to the Holy Grail.

The game is no ordinary challenge and needs sharp minds to protect the Holy Grail from the evil Brotherhood of the True Emperors. It is going to be highly interactive and immersive experience for you and your family.

The setting is popular because it is well decorated considering every tiny detail and encompasses plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Your kids will love to enter into secret compartments, and the mechanical puzzles are worth the adrenaline rush.

The room is both fun and competitive with a series of riddles, and you can access two hints in case you are stuck. There are three identical rooms and is ideal for large family size to play. Up to 18 members can play here which means you can form 3 teams each having 6 members enough for the optimal experience.

Secret agent

Secret agent theme in escape room Kansas city is really challenging but not impossible to win. It is a great place to spend time with family as group ranged in ages 4-50 can equally participate and enjoy in the same way.

The backstory of the theme is that you have entered a safe house of the secret agent. The agent was looking for a traitor who sold his list from his own agency, and your objective is to find the double agent within an hour and turn the information to the director.

The staff of the KC escape room does a good job monitoring and determining where you are in the room but will offer you a very limited clue.

The ambiance and the working equipment will give you an addictive experience. Even if you do not escape before 60 minutes, you will have a great time, and the money you invest is worth it.

The Witching hour

This KC escape room is another awesome opportunity for the family event especially if you all love horror stuff.

The theme is based on the great story of the Maycroft family where young Susie was wronged by people for using witchcraft. She was executed for her deeds and is known to still haunt her ancestral home to seek vengeance for her execution.

The witch has cursed you, and your task is to shatter the spell else it will claim your soul. Do not worry it is just the story! Even kids below ten years can easily participate, and there is nothing to panic about the complete darkness inside the room.

The creativity in the room and the obstacles are beyond expectation adding to the adventure. You will love every minute of the game if you maintain a little patience.

If you are beginner, then the success rate is only 2% but the game masters are extremely friendly and will not let you miss the stimulating and enthralling experience.

Judgement Day

If you are crazy about the popular Terminator movie of 1997 then booking the Judgement Day escape room, KC is a must. The room is integrated with an exciting technology that will transport you back to 1997 and is best for beginners and intermediate players.

The scenario starts with you and your team breaking into the Cyberdyne Systems Headquarters which is aggressively developing killing machine – Terminator. The organization is on verge of developing the artificial intelligence.

Your motto is to enter the heart of the corporation despite massive force and launch a self-destruction system else humanity will lose the war against the machines.

Once you play in this room, you will feel hooked, and even the experienced escapers want to try again and again. People love to play the role of preventing the judgment day and saving the humankind as it gives a heroic spirit.

Your family will definitely love as this is quite addicting theme of the KC escape room. Adults enjoy this theme as it gives unique and different experience when compared to other escape rooms.

If you are looking for puzzle driven escape room then sorry for disappointment because there will be a lot more action here than you can predict.

Sherlock Holmes

It is one of the popular classic themes and stands at the third position on the list. The mystery of the escape game lies in the disappearance of the famous detective Mr. Holmes. He left a letter for Dr. Watson and his team and is full of riddles and clues.

Your role is to find the famous detective Sherlock who is kidnapped by Dr. Moriarty – a master Villain and reveal the place where he as hidden. As per the online reviews, people have achieved 100% satisfaction with these themes and claim to have a brilliant experience.

Sherlock Holmes themed KC escape room pay attention to details and the customer service so excellent that you will never regret playing here.

Adults who are beginners and kids below 10 years want to come back for this theme due to fiendish puzzles. It is a tricky and an interesting theme for children to play with their parents and cousins. Remember the hints are not obvious so intense team efforts are must for winning in Sherlock Holmes Escape room KC.

The testament of Tesla

The testament of Tesla is another most lovable theme as there are a lot of places with dark surroundings and because of the idea of bringing light to humanity.

The theme is influenced by great deeds of Nikola Tesla who built a secret power plant as an alternative to the natural resources. However, this plant is not permitted for publicity due to the political and commercial barrier. Your task is to restore the plant else humankind will live in darkness forever.

This theme is a great eye-opener for young children to teach them the significance of limited resources in the world. Therefore, parents must visit here with their little ones to have fun while using the RIFD cards for lighting up the rooms.

The puzzles are brilliant with polished and decorated rooms making your stay a worthwhile. All you need to be a bit careful with the magnetic locked sliding doors when searching for clues.

This theme is really educating and empowering for young children and allows them to have pleasure in fighting for a noble cause. A lot of families had a wonderful breakout experience with this super awesome theme, and you can be the next to join the league.


So, if you have a weekend together or want to plan ahead for the upcoming festive season then, do not forget about KC escape games.

Playing in one of the above-themed rooms will give you a happiness ten folds more than watching movies in the multiplex. These themes will refresh your mood, spike happy hormones in your body and strengthen the relationship with families.

Although the cost will be higher than any alternate form of entertainment, we would say it is worth it. Moreover, you can grab some super hot deals online or promo codes to cut the prices.

It is totally your responsibility to choose the best family-friendly theme to enjoy with your spouse and children. The above themes and the corresponding details are based on online feedback, ratings and customer reviews.

Some of the escape room have a strict age limit for kids so; please check the same before booking the escape room KC. No matter which theme you choose, please focus on “FUN” and not only on “WINNING.”

That’s all go ahead, plan and have a blast!!! Good luck!

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Author bio: Roger Wagy is the owner of Tick Tock Escape Room.