Home Security
Home Security

Home security continues to improve because of technological innovations.  For the end consumer, this is a great thing because of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family are safe. More and more people are realizing the importance of home security, and the industry has grown exponentially.

Certain trends will occur with regard to home security, and we will look at some of them below.

Crash and smash proof technology

The quickest way for a butler to disarm a home security system is by smashing and crashing the control panel. However, one of the upcoming trends is that security companies are making the control panels crash and smash proof. Even if the burglar tries to tamper with the control panel, it will continue to work and continue to able to send the relevant alerts to the monitoring companies.

Live Streaming and Video Surveillance

While this is not a new trend, there will be marked improvement in live streaming and video surveillance with better quality data and improved monitoring through smart devices like phones or tablets.

Video Content Analytics (VCA) is also on the up and up.  VCA identifies new things in its field of vision and will alert the homeowner immediately it recognizes something strange like motion, fire, and smoke among others.

There will also be an improvement in the type of video cameras. Wireless cameras, drone cameras, Porch alarm systems, and doorbell cameras, among others, will incorporate artificial intelligence to capture relevant data.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of smart technology in home security system will continue. There will be an improvement in the system’s ability to use artificial intelligence to detect faces as well as moving objects.

With AI, homeowners are realizing great savings because the devices learn the habits of the homeowners and use the information for the benefit of the end user. For example, a thermostat, depending on the habits of the owner, will adjust itself automatically or deactivate when not required.

The technology will be applied in object tracking, access control, and intrusion detection among other functions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

Internet of Things Technology refers to a network of appliances and devices, much like those found in a smart home. The IoT trend will continue to grow. Technology will expand to include things like smart washing machines, smart dryers, and smart refrigerators among others. Consider a smart fridge that lets you know when it is running low on food supplies, or even directly orders for groceries from food suppliers.

The ability to make the lives of smart homeowners more comfortable is the driving force for the technology companies. It will, therefore, be important that the technology companies integrate all the different devices onto one easy-to-use interface, thereby giving the owner access wherever they are.

Children and Pets

shallow focus photography of baby wearing white diaper lying

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Children and pets will not be left out of the trends. There will be an explosion of devices that will make it easier for parents to monitor their children or pets.   Such trends include advanced baby monitors, self-cleaning toilets, cameras which track sleeping and breathing patterns, among others.

Imagine not having to worry about where your toddler is because with a simple voice command the camera can track the baby’s whereabouts and report back to you.

Voice Control Integration

This trend will continue to include more devices. Voice control is already a trend with Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa already being actively used in many smart homes. Voice control improves the uses of home automation for most security functions like locking of doors, turning on the lights, controlling humidity and temperature, among other functions.

Improvement in Interconnected Devices

With improved interconnectivity, the homeowner will get notifications if they forget anything like locking the doors, turning off the lights, or even switching off appliances.

Security Robots

This trend will improve security because robots will take the place of human security. Human security has its issues including worker fatigue, inattentiveness, sickness, the potential of work-related fatality among others. Some places already use robots to patrol their premises, giving them a 360-degree view of what is taking place as well as real-time tracking

Intuitive Technology Options

Smart home technology should not be difficult to set up or to use. Many homeowners struggle with finding the right products, and technology companies are working harder to develop intuitive products that respond to consumer needs. With improvements in artificial intelligence, facial recognition among others, home security will significantly improve.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming trends in home security will continue to improve thereby giving homeowners more security. However, with advancement in smart security, homes could become more vulnerable, safety will, therefore, continue to be a key concern. The use of encrypted sensors will prevent cyber attacks which could leave homeowners exposed.

The security companies will need to invest in proper storage and disposal of customer data to ensure they maintain customer privacy.