There was a time that all we needed was will and we could just go to places that we wanted to go. I mean, granted that those times were really ancient but still, just imagine not having to pay anything for anything. The heart quivers just at the thought, does it not? But alas, we live in the real world and thought of free stuff is what is considered to be childish. Or is it?

People, if you scrounge up enough money to go to Singapore and enjoy top Singapore tourist attractions, you should know that there are some really fun things that you can do there without having to pay a single Singapore dollar. What you would only need is the will to go and some cloths, and you can partake in the following freebies:

  1. The Movie Mob:

Do you like movies? Of course, you do! Do you like paying for them? Well, unless it is the biggest blockbuster of the century, no one does. So, here lies Movie Mob, for the movie enthusiasts among you. All you would need is a carpet and some food, and you can watch your favorite movies under the blanket of the starry night. This absolutely free activity would be more awesome if you bring a date with you. So, anyone up for movie night?

  1. The Buddha Tooth temple:

If you are spiritual in any shape or form, you would know that the essence of spirituality is freedom. To that end, you don’t have to pay with anything if you visit this temple. The external part of the temple is something worth looking at, and just when you enter inside, everything around is just so, calm. Well, the entrance is not the only thing that is free; if you want to feast on some awesome vegetarian cuisine, you are in for a treat, because that is free as well. But, if you even have a buck to spare, donate it in goodwill.


  1. A trek across Mount Faber:

If you are willing to walk, you better be willing to walk long because Mount Faber is no joke. You can walks across the bridge on Mount Faber and witness the amazing greenery mankind can achieve when nature is not bothered much. The platform you would walk on is long, and you are free to come here any time of the day. Just remember the “walk long” part, because you would be exhausted after trekking across this region.

  1. The animal Lover league:

Furry creatures have always been the greatest creatures of god, it was true back then, and it is true now, and it will always be true. Therefore, you can go to the SPCA, an organization dedicated to giving sanctuary to stray animals. If you want to do some volunteer work and pet them, you are allowed to do so. This place is not necessarily free. Well, it doesn’t cost anything, but it requires your compassion, care, and patience.

  1. Host some couch surfer:

What is a couchsurfer? It is a slang that signifies people who are comfortable with crashing on a couch. You can create your website on couchsurfing and invite unknown people into your home and host them. Yes, of course, it sounds a little risky and being adventurous and a tad bit crazy is something that is required to do that but still, if you want to meet new people from all around the world, you can invite them in your home and enjoy a time of your life with them. Who knows what might happen?

  1. Walk while you Instagram:

Do you like engaging with your people with selfies? If you do, you can take a look at the #instawalk, a walk with some really cool instagramable moments. To help you with taking some of the best shots, you would have the assistance from TheSmartLocal. So, get ready, and press away on that button with each step.

  1. The Really Really free market:

No, the repetition is not a grammatical mistake, and the free market of Singapore is actually called so. But, there is only one thing you got to remember before coming here:

DO NOT BRING ANY MONEY! You really don’t have to! Just come here and get whatever you want. That being said, don’t forget to be a bit generous and bring your old stuff as well to donate.  There are booths where everyone is giving away stuff that they don’t need any more. So, come here, and setup your own little booth and partake in some freebies.

  1. The free hot spring:

If you go to the apex of Singapore, you would find the Sembawang Air Base. This is the region where you would find a naturally occurring hot spring. Once you visit there, you can either fill up your buckets with that water or soak yourself in it.

  1. Singapore Botanic gardens:

This place exudes awesomeness in every sense of the word. A place basking in green, if you are lucky, you can even catch the orchestra that is played there once in a while.

  1. Free meal at the monastery:

If you for once set your scepticism aside and try to embrace spirituality, even for the purpose of pretending, you would know that the Singapore Buddhist Lodge has some really scrumptious free vegetarian meals that you do not want to miss. While the free food is all well and good, the look of the location is an amazing on its own.

Where there is a will, there is a way! And now, it is FREE too. These free places are not only meant for tourist, these are the places that every Singaporean should visit once in their lifetime.

While free is always good, if you are on a vacation, you are always looking for more. To that end if you want to spend even a little money, you should look for the top 10 tourist attractions in Singapore.