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The Ripple Scam: A Fake Cryptocurrency

Not every cryptocurrency uses the standard concept that manages every digital coin. Even this newborn technology has its “forks,” and one of them is...

Ethereum: Cryptocurrency’s Other White Meat

The electrifying news of Bitcoin's meteoric rise in valuation has made cryptocurrency a household name. Yet blockchain technology - the underpinnings of Bitcoin -...

Regulated Bitcoin = Burst Bubble

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The reason cryptocurrencies are so popular is their volatile nature that attracts speculators. There are so...

Its Official: Bitcoin Trading is a Manipulated Scam

Proof that Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies are fraudulent scams was revealed with recent findings performed by economists Neil Gandal, JT Hamrick, Tyler Moore, and...

France Joins Asia in a Cryptocurrency Crackdown

After China, India, South Korea, and Singapore started to discuss serious regulation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, France has joined ranks with them and is...

Singapore: The MAS War with Bitcoin

If bitcoin traders thought their woes were over, they got another surprise when Singapore joined India and South Korea in their fight against cryptocurrencies....

Korea and India clamp down on Crypto Currencies

Cryptocurrencies exchanges (CCEX) are facing a clampdown in South Korea, where the government is cracking down on these unregulated financial instructions, viewing them as...

Bitcoin: A Gamblers Coin

Question: What is the difference between a bitcoin and a casino chip? Answer: Nothing. Both are virtual currencies that represent a private equity, tradable for...