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Change in Instagram and new updates of 2018

Some news outlets have reported that the co-founders of the Instagram application have resigned from the Instagram and the parent company, which is the...

Benefits of Big Data Analytics on Supply Chain Management

Those of us who love analytics often quote the phrase – Data Drives Decisions. Ok, so why is there so much of fuss around...

How to improve investment by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting fields of Science, Technology and Economics which has the potential to transform the era, though finding...

Top Business Trends That You Should Act on Immediately

Technology is the future of business. There’s no doubt that the technology trends we see in the next 5 years will bring big changes...

How Technology is Changing the Insurance Industry

Technology is changing the insurance industry, even in ways the insurance companies may not be ready to transition. New technology is developing at a...

How artificial intelligence affects education?

For decades, futurists, science fiction authors, and movie makers have been predicting the remarkable changes that will arise with the arrival and use of...

Brands Using AI Progress and Grow

A few years back, your intelligence quotient (IQ) was something to brag about, and it probably still is anyways. High IQs gave a certain...

How will Artificial Intelligence shape the Retail Industry?

This past decade has seen Artificial Intelligence being sincerely applauded by every corner of the world. The progress has not only been noticed in...

Artificial Intelligence Can Help With Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Introduction In 2017, businesses are looking for new ways to reach their customers, and bring in new ones.  But, to do that, they have to...

Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a Fallacy

Man’s concept is believing that he can create awareness in a hundred years when God took billions of years through natural order to create...