Put an End to Chauffeur-Related Worries with This All-in-One Device


Road safety has become a matter of grave concern due to an increase in the number of vehicles on the road. Hiring a chauffeur seems like a viable option for car owners for a safe and secure drive, with so many threats and safety hazards present on Indian roads. Since a chauffeur is more experienced driving on the road, we think that it will make our drive safer and better.

The truth is you can never trust your chauffeur too much. He may be misusing your vehicle without your knowledge. To avoid a situation like this, it is essential to equip your car with a GPS tracker to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Along with that, a dashcam with a GPS tracker makes an excellent vehicle safety system that keeps you updated all day long about any safety concerns on the road. It also saves your time worrying about the security of vehicles and your family members and thus gives you peace of mind.

Look at these benefits that you get from a GPS tracker:


There are sophisticated GPS trackers like KENT CamEye that offer a geofencing feature. With the help of this feature, you can define a virtual boundary around areas like warehouses, schools, markets, and so forth by creating GPS points. It helps in situations when your chauffeur driven car takes an intentional or accidental detour. Whenever your chauffeur takes the car out of this radius, the GPS tracker sends you an alert.

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Two-Way Calling

In cases where your chauffeur or a member of your family does not pick up their phone or where you suspect something is wrong, there is a two-way calling feature in high-end GPS trackers. It comes with an in-built microphone and a secure communication speaker system. It is a pioneer feature that is helpful in many situations. For example, when the chauffeur is smoking in the car or sleeping with the AC on, you can call them immediately. You can directly speak from the app and talk to the driver right away.

Monitors Real-Time Alerts

If a GPS tracker cannot provide real-time alerts, it is incomplete. With the help of a modern GPS tracker, you will be informed about your chauffeur driven car. Alerts like AC ON, over speed, the engine idle, driver drowsiness detection, unknown driver detection alert and a lot more can be monitored.

Real-time AI-based alerts tend to lessen the car’s mismanagement. For example, it’s common in a chauffeur-driven car to see drivers ferrying other passengers for some extra money. It can be harmful not only to the car; it also costs you extra fuel. When you can keep an eye on your car in real-time, your driver will not engage in such a practice.

Your All-in-One GPS Tracker

You need a technologically advanced device that has many more features than a dash cam with GPS tracking. One such fantastic device that provides 360-degree protection to your car and your loved ones is KENT CamEye.

It incorporates state-of-the-art features such as face recognition, dual camera, in-built mic & speaker, over speeding alert, live video streaming, and much more. Once installed, car security will no longer be a challenge. The device is available on Amazon and offers delivery at your doorstep.

This next-gen car security solution offers several cutting-edge features in a single device. It is not only a GPS tracking device but uses intelligent technology to safeguard your car as well as your loved ones in it. Enhance the security of your vehicle and your family with KENT CamEye.