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In recent times I have had my reasonable share of issues at a number of betting sites I have used. While some of these problems have been due to my mistakes or where I completely misunderstood something, some are caused by the betting site itself.

At times, it would be due to unavoidable issues where no one takes the blame. Above all, I’ve always been able to resolve most of my issues. The most amazing thing is that I’ve never encountered a betting site issue where I’m unable to deal with the problem satisfactorily. Perhaps I should consider myself lucky in this regard.

Of course, I’ve heard stories from people who use betting sites a lot less than me but still encounter issues that went unresolved. Without much ado, here are few tips on how to avoid having issues at betting sites like www.findbettingsites.co.uk in the first place plus how best to deal with them when you do.

1. Money Has Been Added To Your Account

In case you’ve added money to your account but inadvertently it has not been wagered. Often times your money will be refunded with just a little hassle. And a swift email to customer support should be able to help clear up any misunderstanding where that is the case. However, most betting sites have a transactional waiting period for refunds, which is even beyond their power to speed up. Therefore, you may just have to wait.

2. Bonuses Issues

If you ask any betting sites the most complaints they receive on a regular basis, they will tell you it is about bonuses and promotions. Basically, this issue is as a result of customers not reading the terms conditions. However, it can be avoided simply by ensuring that you always read the Ts&Cs of a promotion or bonus before accepting it.

Terms and conditions or rules at gambling sites are more likely to be confusing than they should be. Most reliable betting sites and casinos will try as much as possible to make them clearer, but at times the language used is very complex to understand. Unfortunately, there are some online casinos that will deliberately make the words complex to take their customers for granted.

Whichever the case, you should not hesitate to contact support if you aren’t sure of something, as signing up for free spin bonuses can be confusing. They should be able to clarify any confusion. But if they cannot get you a straight answer to your questions, then you might want to consider using a different betting site.

3. Money Has Been Taken From Your Account

A situation where money has been wager from your account (either lost or staked) can be much more difficult to resolve. To help simplify this process, be sure to have done all you can like to review the T&Cs, send them an e-mail, wait for their response and if unsatisfied, you follow up.

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4. Refund and compensation

While you may be entitled to some forms of compensation or refund in some circumstances, note that you can’t always expect it for every single issue you might run into. For instance, if a betting site has had technical problems and you were unable to place the desired wager, it will be difficult for them to compensate you as there is no way for you to establish what you were trying to do.

Most reputable betting sites will give a refund or compensation if you are truly entitled to it. However, you should acknowledge any reasonable offer. Do not be greedy or try to extort a few extra dollars, as this may affect your future relationship with them or even lead to them withdrawing their earlier offer. With that being said, it is perfectly fair to be firm and propose a better offer if you think you are unfairly dealt with.

5. Fraudulent withdrawal From Your Account

If you noticed that your account has been debited without your knowledge, it is important you act decisively and quickly. The first step is to report the fraud to your bank and ask them to temporarily freeze your account. Thereafter, contact the betting site and request that your account be frozen. Where necessary, report to the authorities.

Fortunately, with more banks going online plus using advanced technology in their services, you should receive an alert either as a call or text informing you about the irregular withdrawals from your account. If you aren’t sure if your bank provides this service, it is strongly advised you contact them for inquiries.


Generally, if you have any issue or you think your issue hasn’t been properly dealt with, it is better you make a formal complaint. Many betting sites will have procedures for formal complaints. If they don’t, you can request that your problem be dealt with by a competent person.

But if the issue has gotten to a point where you are simply not getting anywhere by contacting the betting site, your last resort will be to contact their licensing authority. Most reliable betting sites are licensed to offer betting services plus behave in an ethical manner. Their licensor should be ready to intervene in a genuine dispute between them and a customer.