If you have a mini-fashionista on your hands, it can be just as hard to keep up with upcoming trends as it is for yourself! Whether you are trying to keep your potential little designer happy or you just enjoy buying clothing you know will look adorable, there are many social situations to find the right outfit to suit.

Let’s look at some cute looks you know your daughter will rock like a little boss!

Daytime Chic

It’s so fun meeting your friends for lunch or coffee regularly. It gives you a chance to get out of Mom mode, get dressed, put on some makeup, do your hair and relax. If you bring your daughter along to these outings, it can be fun to have her dressed stylishly too!

Unfortunately, she may not always be willing for you to pick and choose her clothes for her, so you want to have items that are easy for her to mix and match that will just work. Just as we create a capsule wardrobe for ourselves, we can do the same for our daughters. Some essential items in your daughter’s closet should be tights – any color or style, denim or plain colored jackets, and a mix of plain t-shirts.

If your daughter picks and chooses what she wants to wear out of these items, they will easily work together without any effort at all. Not only will you avoid arguing to get her into an outfit of your choosing, but also save more time!

Wedding Wow

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it often brings a slew of invitations to weddings. As a mom, you not only have to worry over your outfit but those of your children and partner as well!

If you want an easy solution to finding adorable outfits for your daughter that will have her looking like the belle of the ball, look no further than flower girl dresses. They easily tick all the boxes for the right amount formal, and there are a fantastic amount of options to choose from when it comes to design or color.

Lace flower girl dresses are a fantastic choice as they look stunningly beautiful in every color or length available. They will give your daughter a princess look she will be proud as punch wearing throughout the day.


No outfit would be complete without a few accessories such as handbags, hair decorations, hats, gloves, or even a little tiara! Just like us, our daughter’s have little knick-knacks they like to carry with them, and what better way to help her with that than having a cute bag!

If she’s dressed as a little rock chick in boots, tights, and a sassy t-shirt, you can finish the look off with a pair of lace gloves. It is always great to keep a variety of hats on hand as they can keep her warm as well as keep her hair looking tidier for longer.