Every woman, whether she is interested in the latest trends or not, somehow contributes to the fashion industry. From the cardigan that’s he wear to the comfortable pumps that she loves, everything is fashion! When it comes to women who are obsessed with fashion, they need to have certain pieces in their wardrobes that are a must-have as they are always trendy, look classy and never fail you at any event/occasion. For all those fashionistas out there, have a look at these eight items that we think you must include in your wardrobe.

  • Black Pumps

Sneakers and loafers have their own place as they are comfy and you can wear them anywhere but nothing bears a pair of basic black pumps. Black shoes are timeless, and incorporate a bit of grace to your whole outfit. Whether you are wearing jeans or an office-wear, black pumps will always be there to help you. Focus on the quality of the pumps as that is important. A closed, almond shaped toe gives off its own fashion statement, and if you get one in matte leather, it is going to be a cherry on top.

  • Trench Coat

Trench coats have been fashionable since the late 1800s and can we blame them? Time has come and gone, but the importance of a trench coat has remained the same. Designers have become creative, and there are different variations and ways to carry the coat, but the fact remains that it is an accessory that every woman should have in her wardrobe. A trench coat is Functional, flattering, and super-classic. This jacket looks great on every body type because of its waist-defining properties. Match it with a dress or pants, and t gives off the perfect vibe on the drizzly days in the fall and spring. A trench coat always presents a professional image, so you know what to wear to that super important work meeting of yours next time. Trench coats should be neutral, especially if you are going for a foundation piece. Classic detailing like a double-breasted bodice, medium lapels, and a tie at the waist will enhance your look. The best-quality trenches are made with lined cotton gabardine, but poplin and leather are common as well.

  • Button-Up Shirt

When it comes to official dresses that make you look formal and classy at the same time, nothing gets better than Button-up shirts. These shirts can be tricky, but after getting the hang of it, you will rock it!. When these shirts are well-tailored, there is nothing that looks as classic when they are paired with jeans or a skirt. These shirts are also a great layering piece under sweaters and increase your wardrobe options. A button-up can look sloppy if the fitting is wrong, so it is essential that your shirt fits securely without any spaces between buttonholes. Wear the fantastic coco bra to give body to your outfit. While a white button-up shirt is the most classic of them all, do not be afraid to experiment with different patterns and colors. Neutral patterns, such as dots are the best because they offer a kind of personality and versatility. Other features you should look for include a curved hem, which is a very flattering cut, and full-length sleeves which you can wear as it is or you can cuff them at the elbow.

  • Riding Boots

Everyone loves Ankle booties, rugged boots, heeled boots but you will be playing safe if you always go for them. While it is okay to buy a cheap and trendy pair, you also need to invest on a good-quality pair of sleek leather riding boots. These knee-length, no-heel boots are classics and will see you through season after season. They look amazing with anything including skirts, dresses, and pants. Because of no heel, they are actually very sensible if y think about it. Quality matters, especially when it comes to leather boots. The higher the price, the better will be the leather and materials and a good pair of shoes should only get better over time. Pair these with jeans and a t-shirt or wear them with a short dress; you will look trendier in any style. If you prefer to have a heel, look for riding boots that have a thick heel less than two inches. It will give you a little height and longer leg-line without having to sacrifice the functionality. Ralph Lauren and Cole Haan make good-quality boots with a heel, so do check them out.

  • A Little Black Dress

If you are obsessed with fashion and do not have a little black dress in your wardrobe, you are doing something wrong. For people who love black, this is the ultimate fashion piece. A black dress will take you places, whether it is a date night, friends night out, or some formal event; black never goes out of fashion. This dress is one of those ideal “when in doubt” items because no matter what, an LBD will always look classic, sharp, and fashionable. What makes a little black dress what it is, is its length. Go for a knee-length or shorter, and you can wear it with a pair of party heels for a wedding, or with flats for work. Since LBDs are usually sheaths, a classic shape helps, which means that fitting plays an important role in elevating the dress’ beauty. A little black dress offers minimal embellishment, and you just add the personality with classy shoes and accessories.

  • Dark Wash Jeans

Jeans are a staple for any woman’s wardrobe, but most people do not realize the importance of a pair of dark wash jeans. You can wear dark jeans with pumps for lunch with friends, or pair the jeans with a top and heels for a holiday party. Dark wash looks great and better on skinny and thicker legs than lighter colored jeans. Look for a dark color that has minimal whiskering or fading as these tend to look less classic and trendier. Dark wash boot cut jeans are also amazing as they always come back into style are a timeless option. You can wear these with a white dress shirt and black pumps and for a classic and sophisticated look that is perfect if you are going to a smart-casual work function. Nice boot-cut jeans will look splendid with a black blazer along with a brightly-colored scarf around your neck. Book cut jeans a look perfect when you wear them over any pair of boots.

  • Blazer

Take some risks and be a little bold! Not many people prefer blazers because people think they are not easy to pull off. However, it is the opposite where a blazer gives your whole appearance a very professional and bold look. A blazer’s versatility is unrivaled. You can wear it with jeans and heels while you are out with your friends, and you could also use it to tone down your cocktail dress. Thanks to a classic cut, blazers are incredibly flattering for any figure. A basic, black blazer is a must-have for any woman who loves to carry herself in style. Whether you work in an office or you are home with the children, a blazer is the fastest way to look polished and put-together which is something that every woman needs. Length is critical when you are buying a blazer as it should hit you at the hip. A longer blazer might look trendier, but if your height is short, it can shorten your legs. While shorter blazers are fun, they are not as flattering as a hip-length style. The key to any good piece of clothing is its fitting so make sure that the tailoring is right for you and you should be able to notice a definite shape at your waist. Get a blazer in which the location of the highest button suits your body type. Bustier women will need a higher stance, while women who have more athletic figures can go for a lower one. When you are trying it on, the trick is to hug yourself to see if the shoulders fit well and are not too restrictive.

  • Pencil Skirt

If you had the option of owning just one skirt, choose a pencil skirt! All the other skirts look, but a pencil skirt never goes out of fashion and gives you an instant classy look and is universally flattering. No one can disagree upon the fact that how great a pencil skirt makes you look. You can wear it with a button-up shirt to your office. Higher rise and knee-skimming length make pencil skirts look great on everyone, and as mentioned before, they are appropriate for many events and situations. Whether you are heading to church or for work, a pencil skirt is your wardrobe powerhouse that plays nicely with blouses, jackets, and sweaters.

Of course, it matters the way you pair your clothes with your shoes/accessories, but the above-mentioned items will never let you down, and you can always count on them.

About the Author:
Jennifer Smith is a fashion student based in Italy. She spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and loves all the high street brands. She regularly shares her ideas about how to get better in style and to put together outfits. You check it out at stickiebra.com.