With summers around the corner, you must be planning for a family outing. Isn’t it?

A trip with family and kids is always fun. We know these moments won’t come again so we try and live them to the fullest, making it a memorable experience for years to come.

Not only we think of doing different things but we also try to add a bit of novelty to do it differently every time.

Let me share a few tips today. Believe me, these are super simple and make it all the more interesting, jubilant and fun.

    1. Let the kids decide where to go, you give them options –

How about kids deciding the destination next time you’re heading out?These days, kids are smart enough to take genius decisions, even if they are as young as 6 to 7.

Give them some options to choose from. Tell them what to expect at each venue. Depending on what they like, they are likely to fix upon.

Generally, it’s WE, who decide and tell the kids where we are heading to. This is often induced by our own likings. Rather, we should let them speak their mind. The options that you give, should all be enticing.

  1. Forget the word ‘Healthy’ for next 2-3 days –

Who doesn’t like fries, chips, chocolates and burgers?  But we usually try and refrain from carrying anything that is unhealthy. In fact, chocolate offers loads of health benefits.

Having said that, I often ask myself – how bad it could be to have it once every fortnight? I know it is not going to add any nutrition to their bodies but having it occasionally won’t do any harm either.

Instead, it will satisfy and stir their taste buds like anything. Come on! What’s intriguing than setting out for an exotic location, carrying favorite food 🙂

Let the kids carry what they love to. Be it candies, cola tins, or cream, It’s time to indulge!

And don’t tell me you would not have kept that creamy red wine hot chocolate for yourself 🙂 

  1. Avoid covering a long distance –

Kids are active only for an hour or so when you start off. Keep them awake by talking and sharing stories. That’s when they enjoy the trip more.

Ensure the distance is not much. If it is still a long drive, make sure to take frequent breaks in between.

Don’t stretch the trip for more than 2-3 days at the most. In fact, you can plan it on weekends to avoid taking leaves from work.

Small distance trips won’t make it tiring for you. Remember, one of you has to stay active to drive the entire distance.

Keep some dry fruits and nuts in your pocket, they are high on nutritional value and provides with instant energy to stay alert and agile.

  1. Don’t take gadgets with you –

Leave your tablets and smartphones behind. A phone is a must but not a smartphone. Prefer carrying a camera. Don’t rely on your phone for taking pictures.

A DSLR is always superior for taking quality pictures.

These days, kids are so very used to gadgets that it’s almost difficult to keep them away, even for few hours.

Hand over the camera to one of them. Ask him/her to carry and handle it with care. Make him/her understand how it functions and how to take amazing shots. But make sure to keep an eye on them.

Who knows, by the end of the trip, they are ready to take a course in professional photography 🙂 It may also trigger an interest in graphical arts and leisure science in due course.

  1. No more selfies –

If you are keeping your smartphones back, then not to worry about selfies, else tell the kids to avoid making pouts every now and then. 

As ‘Rolf Dobelli’ in ‘Art of Good Life’ mentioned, we forget experiencing the moments while taking photos and selfies.

Everyone loves taking selfies but seriously, I don’t fancy the idea. As it is, we see ourselves 50 times a day in the mirror. 

Tell the kids, “Selfies are a big NO. We want to shoot beautiful views and sceneries. Capture amazing expressions when posing in a costume or standing on a river rock.’

Trust me, this is fun. The idea is to shoot special moments, along with glimpses of the places in the background.

  1. Motivate them to take back something. Both in form of memories and souvenirs. Announce some incentive too –

How about some prize for the best click?

Or a small trivia like .. ‘The one who would tell us correctly, what all we ate during the trip would be gifted with a surprise. You will have to mention every item even if it was a one-off strawberry’.

You can even ask them to take a note of all places you visited or things you tried on the way. This way they would be more attentive and truly imbibe the journey and experiences.

Collecting back souvenirs is another great way to revive memories down the line. For a change, get something for the Granny. Pick a cool corset or a pair of earrings. Help her to put on that corset so she steals the show at the weekend kitty 🙂

  1. Taking your pet along, is fun any day –

Take your beagle with you. Yes, they are stubborn at times but most active when you take them out. They are fun-loving and keep the kids engaged.

This is a smart way to keep the kids mobile and active.

Moreover, the kids will have all the more reasons to take pictures 🙂 

Takeaways If you like –

I am not saying you can follow these all the time.

Kids have different nature, behavior, likings and dislikings.

They also need to be mature enough in terms of age and skills to take up responsibilities. I personally feel we should encourage and confide in their abilities as they grow.

It’s good to to have them involved, entrusting them with small responsibilities. This would help them to be more confident and take challenges with greater courage and ease in the years to come.


Nikky Watson –  

I love all things fun. Drop in sometime and you’ll know what I mean 🙂 For living and out of passion, I write and blog. In the past, I have contributed to top blogs including Findrarewhiskey & others.