The number of restaurants in Los Angeles is impressive – about 8,500 establishments are ready to offer their visitors dishes for any taste! Due to its special status, the city is replete with high-end restaurants specializing in various cuisines from around the world.

However, what if many tourists travel on a budget, and they don’t have an opportunity to spend $100 for dinner? No worries! Los Angeles has several suitable places where everyone can enjoy delicious food at affordable prices. By using a car rental from Europcar LAX airport, go to the following places immediately upon arrival at the airport. Set the address of the desired restaurant in the rental car’s GPS device for quick searching.


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This is a good eatery, where each hungry traveler can taste healthy food after a tiring walk. Try the famous sandwich number 19 – burger with hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, and cabbage salad, carrots and onions.

A full lunch will cost about $15-20. Perhaps it’s not too cheap, but incredibly tasty. In general, in this area near the Westlake metro station, you’ll find a number of Mexican restaurants and street cafes, to choose from. The cafe has its own parking, and the first 90 minutes are free of charge. Fortunately, the service is quite fast, so that this one and a half hours will be completely enough!

Address: 704 S Alvarado St

In-N-Out Burger

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This is another cafe, serving very tasty burgers. In-N-Out is a very old eatery: it specializes in delicious roasts for over 40 years. Those who have been there, admit that, perhaps, this is one of the best cafes of this kind, and certainly better than McDonald’s.

The In-N-Out Burger menu consists of three standard burgers – a hamburger, a cheeseburger and a double-double with two chops and two slices of cheese. However, you can add meat and cheese to the sandwich endlessly! It also serves French fries, soda, and milkshakes of three different flavors.

Address: 9149 S Sepulveda Blvd

Taste of India

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Taste of India is a cute Indian restaurant in Sherman Oaks. From the outside, it doesn’t look very presentable, but don’t let it stop you — it’s much better inside, and very clean.

The restaurant offers a large selection of dishes. Of course, almost all dishes are cooked with curry sauce. Plus, you’ll enjoy a pleasant and fairly quiet atmosphere. Try here samosa – patties with potatoes, onions, and minced meat, lamb tikki, saag paneer – homemade cheese snack with spinach and cream sauce, tandoori chickens as well as naan cakes.

Address: 13903 Ventura Blvd

The Pizza Studio

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(photo by William Kwan)

It offers a pizza with the addition of interesting ingredients, for example, with rosemary and other spicy herbs. By the way, you can create your own pizza by ordering the desired ingredients to the chef ($8/pizza), or you can be content with regular pizza with pepperoni, onions, red pepper, olives, mozzarella cheese, arugula or other herbs (for $6).

Address: 3584 S Figueroa St

Jacks N Joe

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(photo by Larry)

This is a great place for breakfast. A restaurant is regularly crowded with guests, but it offers delicious banana pancakes (for $6.85) and a hearty omelet ($8.75).

These are the simplest dishes, but in general Jacks N Joe has quite an extensive menu. In addition, if the day involves a lot of movement and expenditure of energy, ask for ‘secret menu’, which includes pancakes and a special light burrito. On weekends in the morning there are large queues, so come there as early as possible.

Address: 2498 S Figueroa St


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Guisados is a lovely southern restaurant. Be sure to try its homemade tortilla. You can sit on the open terrace or inside the establishment, where, by the way, you can watch how and what is cooked in the kitchen.

Order mouth-watering tinga de Pollo tacos (for $2.50) — chicken breasts with spicy tomato sauce or chicken with spicy peanut sauce. The choice of sauces and dishes is very diverse.

If you are completely confused, order a six-taco sampler (for $6.99) with two different tastes, and spicy food fanatics shouldn’t miss the opportunity to order torreados – a tortilla with a spicy filling.

Address: 1261 W Sunset Blvd


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(photo by lele pinto)

Visit this industrial-style cafe for lunch or light snack. It serves sandwiches and salads, the ingredients of which can be ordered to your taste. You can try the Panini chicken (for $6.29) and the Urbn Soul hamburger (for $5.99).

Such monthly promotions as tacos for $1.50 are another advantage of this restaurant. And yet, after you order ten combo dinners here (sandwich/salad + drink + chips, fruit or cake), you can get the eleventh lunch for free the next time!

Address: 3434 S Grand Ave # 1

Mariscos Maria’s

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(photo by Jacob Dickinson)

Finding this Mexican restaurant is easy, but getting out of it is quite a hard task. The fact is that serves very appetizing enchiladas, margarita, and burrito. Moreover, the prices are super-saving – you can have a snack for a maximum of $20, but in general, it’s possible to eat well at even $10.

Address: 2215 S Vermont Ave