Buying a new car can be quite overwhelming due to all the different models available. But we have tried our best to make this ordeal easier for you by providing a proper guide on the ways to buy Chevy cars easily. Now it is up to you which choice you would opt for.


Buying a Chevy car from Chevy dealers is one of the best options. The dealership is one way to buy cars. The dealership is a business that sells either brand new or used cars. It can be either based on the dealership contract with the automobile manufacturer or its sales subsidiary. They also have a wide variety of pre-owned certified vehicles. Moreover, they provide services for cars such as maintenance, spare automobile parts, and even warranty.

Its advantages include:

  • Lower prices as compared to private sellers
  • More financing options
  • Price negotiations
  • Warranty and certified cars
  • More convenient

Hire Purchase (HP)

Buying a car using a hire purchase is similar to a mortgage. Over a loan period, you usually repay the balance after putting down the deposit. After the loan period ends, you become the owner of the car. However, these payments will also include interest.

Its advantages include:

  • You will become the owner of the car at the end
  • Flexible loan periods
  • There are no mileage restrictions.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

If you prefer changing cars after every two to three years, then a personal contract purchase (PCP) can be a great option for you.

In this, your loan represents the difference between the car’s value at the finish of the hire agreement and the car’s new value. The full cost of the car is not a loan. In this, you are bound to keep the mileage to the agreed value and the condition of the car must also be mint.

Its advantages include:

  • The initial deposit is low
  • Since you hand the car over, so there is no concern regarding depreciation
  • As compared to personal loans or hire purchases, the payments are cheaper.

Personal Leasing (Contract Hire)

It is similar to renting a house or flat, but here you lease a car. Over the agreed period, you are bound to pay a fixed monthly fee. Initially, you have to make a deposit, which is more than the monthly payment (usually three to six times). After the agreement ends, you hand over the car back. And if the condition of the car is good and the mileage is also equivalent to the agreed value, you do not pay any extra money.

Its advantages include:

  • Payments terms are flexible
  • No need to worry about the depreciating value of the car.
  • It is a simple contract where you pay per month, and in the end, gives the car back.

Buy using your Savings

You save penny by penny to buy a new car. It can be one effective way to become the owner of the car in no time. However, most people have savings for some emergencies and they can be reduced by this.

Its advantages include:

  • You will instantly become the owner of the car
  • You will not be in debt of any kind
  • You can sell your car whenever you want.

Buying with the Credit Card

Similar to buying other things using a credit card, you can also buy a car on a credit card. The full amount of the car is paid at once, and then you pay back your credit card organization monthly afterward. There is also interest in the payback money, but some of the companies have 0% interest as their welcome offer. You may not have to pay any interest if you pay back the company within time. However, they can be a limit that might be imposed by your credit card company on not buying things over a certain amount. You have strong consumer protection if you pay with your credit card. There is a chance that your dealer might not let you pay with a credit card.

Its advantages include:

  • Under Consumer Credit Act, you have a protection
  • You might be able to enjoy rewards or cash backs if applicable to your credit card.
  • You can pay the lowest per month fee, but it can gradually build up.