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Smart Contracts – Its Implementation and Benefits

Blockchain technology is the trending topic at the moment as it is the underlying technology behind the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain and cryptocurrency...

How to Manage Personal Finances for Real Estate

  If you’re doing an office job and getting paid a solid amount at the end of the month then managing a budget is important...

Future of UAE’s Real Estate Market for Investors

In accordance with a survey by MEED, UAE’s actual Gross domestic product growth is predicted to be 4-5 % between 2017 and 2020. This...

Are Branded Residences the Future of Real Estate?

“Luxury” is the word that comes to mind when discerning about real estate developers in Dubai. This is neither a novel phenomenon nor a...

How to get started with drone real estate photography

Source: Pexels  The real estate sector has provided an opportunity to drone photographers to make an income by practicing their hobby. Using drones for real...

7 Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

Source: Pexels The real estate business is fast catching up as a popular source of income. It is a major contributor to the world economy....

Vancouver real estate prices may increase with new taxes

The Vancouver market is making headlines the world over. We face unprecedented times, lowest interest rates in 6000 years, booming investment from Asia and...