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The Future of Blockchain

While everyone thinks that blockchain is the platform for the cryptocurrency, they are wrong. Blockchain was the platform used to develop cryptocurrency, and while...

Forex Bitcoin Trading: A Guide for the Perplexed

Foreign Exchange (Forex) is a market where foreign currencies are traded against each other and include binary options as well as standard buy/sell transactions....

After Bitcoin: Is Didi-Coin next in line?

My opinion on cryptocurrency is no secret; I think this is an emerging technology that will eventually be adopted by national banks as an...

Bitcoin: A Gamblers Coin

Question: What is the difference between a bitcoin and a casino chip? Answer: Nothing. Both are virtual currencies that represent a private equity, tradable for...

How the Bank of England fights Cryptocurrency

The Bank of England is taking a major step in the digital currency direction. However, rather than recognizing Bitcoin or other digital currencies, the...