For almost ninety-nine percent of the girls out there, crop tops are the forbidden fruit they crave for but will never dare to wear. Yes, they can appear intimidating on their own. But try a new fresh perspective, add a pinch of creativity and a drop of confidence, and you will find the same scary clothing, your ultimate best friend! It is all about how you see it, wear it and strut it. You will find so many ways to wear that cute crop top you have always wanted to wear without ever looking back again. Here are some undebatable reasons you should try wearing a crop top.

Smaller Waist

Every girl whether big or small craves for a flat, tiny waist look and crop tops are the ultimate solution for you no matter which size fits you. Contrary to the common belief that crop tops are only for the frail, small body types, crop tops can make anyone look thinner because of their unique trait of ending right at your waist. If you pair your crop tops with a high waist pantsuit, you can rock your day with confidence. Not only will that but the look will also make you look taller and classy.


Having a crop top can make styling and dressing so much easier every day. You do not have to wait for one of your good days after a trip to the salon to wear your cute crop top. The greatest thing about them is how versatile they are. They can go with anything you pair them with. Depending on how much skin you wish to expose to the sun that day, you can style it up or down just the way you like it. The best thing about crop tops is you can own them with your own style statement without looking cliché.

Combine your top with a high waist dress pant or a blazer, and you have your conservative look. To heat things up you can switch the high waist pant with your favorite pencil skirt, and you have your classy yet spicy look!

Add layers as much as you want

Crop tops are your ultimate best friend to get yourself a super chic look. Just throw on a button-down shirt or wear it with a pantsuit or high waist dress pants and you can wear however you like showing no skin. With a little spark of creativity, you can turn crop tops from cute and sexy to classy and elegant!

Can be worn in any season

When you think of crop tops, you only think of summer, right?

Crop tops are the best piece of clothing you will ever own to beat the heat in these hot, sizzling summers. However, it is not the only season you can rock your crop look. With the right amount of style and creativity, you can give yourself the ultimate, glamorous makeover and rock your cute crop top in winters. If you do it right, you will receive awestruck, starry gazes instead of judgmental stares! You can wear a thin shirt underneath your crop top to hide some skin or wear a furry, cozy coat to keep yourself warm yet still look cute and ready to rock the night out.

Exudes confidence

What better way to say ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ without actually saying it by strutting off a cute crop top? No matter what body size you are, confidence is key to wearing a crop top with grace and poise. Many girls are fearful of throwing on that cute crop top they are in love with. But with a little suave and a lot of confidence, you can own your crop top and make it become part of you. If you know how to rock it, then rock it you can!

Wear it for any occasion

Now you may be conditioned to the popular belief that crop tops may not be great for a wedding or professional occasions but if you know how to style it right, you can strut anything that comes at ‘ya.’ Pairing a classy, sexy black crop top with a pencil skirt can be the ultimate pro look whether you are at an after party at a wedding or at a work event. Remember, you can rock off a sexy, sleek crop top in any occasion without looking scandalous! Make sure you stay away from the flair-y crop tops or short bikini-like ones to avoid being the talk of the party in all the wrong ways.

Crop tops are your go-to bikinis

Don’t you love those moments on the beach when you can show off your hard-earned summer bod in a cute pair of bikinis? And you wish you could just wear it everywhere you go without having to look skanky. Well, crop tops are the answer to your woes. Cute and sexy and wearable wherever you go, crop tops are the best thing ever invented to deliver your style statement and showcase your confidence to everyone around you with subtlety. With a pair of cute shorts, you can wear it on a casual, hot summer day.

Bonus: Comfy yet Stylish

Aren’t you tired of having to choose between comfort and style every time you want to head out even for the smallest of errands? You need not feel embarrassed ever again being caught by a cute guy at Walmart in your sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt you wear all day at home. Crop tops can help you feel both comfortable and stylish so you would be ready the next time you are out to buy some milk and crash into the cute guy.