When you talk about trains, railway stations play a great role. There are many trains out there that halt at plenty of stations. Every platform and station is teaming with passengers and travelers. Amidst your train journeys, do you ponder about the existence of railway stations? Have you ever thought about the different railway stations and their ingredients?

Of course, you are always ready to know about the train inquiry seat availability and PNR number, but how many times have you explored railway stations? Don’t worry if you haven’t explored the stations ever. Here you can have a look at a few of the busiest railway stations of India.

  1. Howrah Junction Railway Station

This Howrah Railway Station is full of activity railway stations regarding passenger volume each day. Similarly, its 23 platforms have been serving more than a million passengers. Howrah Junction also possesses the largest number of railway platforms in India and one of the fullest railway platforms too.

  1. New Delhi Station

Talking about New Delhi Railway Station, it is second busiest and hugest railway station in India. It manages over three hundred fifty trains and five hundred thousand passengers on a daily basis with sixteen platforms.  The station also holds the record for largest route interlocking system in the world. You can always find a great rush on the platforms of this railway station.

  1. Kalyan Junction

Kalyan Junction Railway Station is one of the main and biggest railway stations of Mumbai rail network. This station is also the third busiest station on Mumbai Suburban Railway. There are eight platforms at Kalyan station serving suburban, and you can find plenty of long-distance trains.

  1. Kanpur Central

Then there is Kanpur Central Railway Station that is also one of the busiest stations of North Central Railways.  It has more than two hundred eighty trains per day.  The station also holds the record for largest interlocking route system in the world coupled with Delhi station and one of the five Central railway stations in the country.

  1. Vijayawada Station

Vijayawada Junction Railway Station is amidst the top five busiest railway junctions of Indian Railways. It has over four hundred freight and passenger trains. The Vijayawada railway station is considered as an A-1 station in India, and it is also one of the ten model stations in the area of Vijayawada division.

  1. Patna Station

Patna Junction Railway Station is one of the eventful rail routes in India. It lies between New Delhi and Kolkata. Patna Junction is well connected to the most of the main Indian cities by railway network. It is a major station of East Central Railways.

  1. Allahabad Junction

It is not to be skipped that Allahabad Junction Railway Station is the second busiest railway station in Uttar Pradesh. It is amongst the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railway. Most of the fastest running trains in this country including Duronto Express and Rajdhani Express pass through this station.

So, now you see how busy the stations remain in India? Indeed, the railway stations of India are absolutely buzzing all the time. These were only a few of the stations, and once you go deeper, you will get to know many more!

Reasons that Railways Rock 

It might sound little doubtful to you, but it is true that trains in India rock. The Indian Railways is spread across the country. When you go through the trains and visit different places of this widespread nation, you actually feel proud.

Where the number of trains emerging in India is increasing rapidly; similarly, the facilities like Rly inquiry, INR number, live status, toll-free number and so on are also on the rise. Everything is taken care of under Indian Railways. Over the years, many new developments have taken place in trains, and the journeys have become better and faster.

  1. You don’t go starving

When talking about Indian railways, there are many trains out there wherein you can order food inside. You can get food from the railway facilities. Of course, if you feel like eating something different and unique; you can also take help of some food apps.  There are many apps out there that can help you in ordering your desired food. The good part is that the food gets delivered to you well in time. The food is sealed and absolutely fresh. The perks here are the variety. When you are on a long train journey; the train passes through diverse regions and states, right? Since that is the case, you can order the food that is the speciality of that area. This way you can explore the food variety and keep your taste buds contented. So, do you think that you can go starving on your train journey?

  1. Enjoy Flexibility

There is a lot of flexibility in trains. You can easily walk in your compartment. Of course, when you are in a plane, you cannot really walk through the cabins, right? But when you are on a train, you can travel through the compartments. Certainly, it is not going to be a walk in a beautiful park, but it would be better than nothing. There are many people who cannot sit for long. For them, trains are apt.  Moreover, Indian Railways has given a lot of flexibility in the trains. You can be as at ease as you wish to be. You can talk to the fellow passengers and exchange talks with them.

  1. A perfect mean of Exploration

If you have never explored the depths of Indian life, then railways are going to satisfy you. Once you are on a train, you will get to see so many scenes and sites on your way. There are so many places that your train goes through. There are beautiful fields, forests, mountains, rivers and what not during the journey! You can know how so much population of India spend their routine. You can see people walking, doing work in fields, washing clothes near the rivers and so on. The activities of people and auras of different sites will leave you much informed about your country and its cultures. Where the bus travels by road and the planes take you through the smoky clouds; trains take you through their zigzag and long stretched tracks!

So, take a train journey, and you will love the Indian Railways for sure!