A work van is essential for most contractor jobs and many other trades in the service industry. It is the workhorse that hauls all your work tool and equipment to the required location. Your van services as a work shed and without it, completing client jobs would be impossible. Most of these vans in the market are high-performance vehicles which feature a lot of cargo space. The increased cargo space can fit all the tools in your office which leads to better service delivery. However, you need to customize your van with the best van shelving for better space maximization. While your van has a lot of usable space, it is impossible to utilize it without proper organization fully. There are various shelving systems for vans in the market which you can leverage to get more out of available cargo space.

In this article, you will learn the advantage of van shelving for your business and tips for installing the best system. Read on.

Overview of Van Shelving Systems

When you buy a new van, the first thing you notice is the huge cargo space. In fact, this is one selling point for the common vans in the market including Mercedes Sprinter and Metris, RAM ProMaster, Nissan NV and NV 200, Ford Transit Connect among others.

The problem comes in when you have to haul your tools and equipment. The large cargo space can turn into a problem if you don’t have an effective storage system for your items. Van and truck accessories manufacturers now have a wide range of modular shelving, adjustable shelves, welded shelving and many shelving accessories to help utilize available space in your van.

The shelving systems suit different storage needs including for HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, and utility service provides among others. To get the best shelving system for your van, you need to partner with an experienced van outfitter for the project.

If you want to optimize the performance of your work van, it is time to install the best shelving system. Some of the benefits of such installation include:

Enhanced Safety

You will always have loose gear inside your van and this is dangerous if there is no proper storage. When the van is in motion, your tools will move around and in case of emergency braking, they can fly around causing injuries. Worse still, small tools can slide under the gas pedal or brake pedal which can cause a crash.

Whatever the type of tools and equipment you want to haul in your van, it is important to install custom shelving which will enhance safety inside your van. It is a simple way of avoiding workplace injuries which can lead to financially devastating lawsuits.Protecting your Van

When you install custom shelving in your van, there is less risk of your gear sliding around the floor or flying about and causing damage to the vehicle’s body. It might take time before you notice the extent of the damage caused by loose lying gear including scratches on the bodywork, dents and other forms of physical damage. You can avoid costly repairs by installing the best shelving system for your van to prevent bodywork damage.

Space Maximization

It is easier to maximize available space by installing custom shelving in your van. While the cargo space available in a factory made van looks big, you will soon realize it is impossible to utilize it fully without proper storage. Van shelving makes it easy to as much available space as possible on the floor and walls.

Storage features such as modular storage systems, drawers, cabinets, and shelves hold tools and other items you need for the job. It is the best way to increase the amount of cargo you can store inside the van whenever you need to visit a client. The best shelving unit is better than having loose tool boxes scattered all over the van’s floor.

Better Professional Image

Clients are very keen when assessing a contractor and they will even ask to see your van. If they find a disorganized cargo space with tools lying around carelessly, you can bet they won’t work with you. Every client loves working with an organized, tidy and professional service provider and this is another reason to invest in custom shelving for your van.

Improved Productivity

The business environment today is very competitive and you must utilize all resources at your disposal to get an edge over your competitors. One way of doing this is by getting more from your crew. Installing shelving systems boosts the efficiency of your workers as they can find whatever they need in less time. A lot of time is lost at a site when looking for particular tools.

If you have clearly labeled shelves in your van, finding any tool is easy which in turn leads to faster completion of jobs. At the same time, there is less risk of personal injury when trying to look for tools. Remember an injured worker affects the productivity of the whole team hence the importance of van shelving. It is also a perfect way to improve your clients’ satisfaction levels and create a loyal customer base. At the same time, you will earn more revenue through return customers and referrals.

Better Van Environment

Your van’s cargo space is better organized, quiet and a pleasure to work from when you have custom shelving for your gear. You will always feel motivated to get going because you know everything you need is already in place.

To leverage these van shelving systems, you need to consider your needs first. Consider what type of tools and equipment you need to transport and look for custom van shelving which suits such needs. Go for easy-to-install shelving, durable and easy to maintain materials. Look for referrals and recommendations to identify the best outfitters to work with and take time to explain what you need before the customization and installation starts.

Van shelving is a great idea to boost your business’ performance and productivity, enhance safety and maximize available cargo space in the van. It is the best way to optimize the performance of your van and get a competitive edge over in your niche.