It is that time of the year again when all we want to do is curl up under the covers with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. Yes, winter’s here, and if given our way, we’d rather stay indoors than face the harsh weather outside. Alas, that is not a valid reason to take a day off from work or your other responsibilities. You still have to go out and expose your skin to the dry and dusty environment outside. The frigid temperatures and low humidity levels can wreak havoc on your skin leaving it dull and cracked. And without immediate care and moisturizing, dry skin can lead to sores, blisters, rashes and even bleed. Try out these top 10 beauty hacks to keep your skin smooth and youthful even during the freezing winter months;

Always use Lukewarm Water

Nothing feels better than a hot sauna or a steaming shower to relax those sore muscles on a cold day. Unfortunately, your dermatologist would advise you to do otherwise. Steaming hot water does more harm than good. It destroys the uppermost layer or epidermis, leaving rashes, itchiness, and burns in its wake. Excessively hot showers also strip your skin off the essential oils away. We recommend you wash your face with cold or lukewarm water instead. It keeps your body well hydrated both internally and externally. Furthermore, refrain from going outside with damp skin. Dry your body thoroughly before you step out. Damp skin is more likely to become cracked, chapped and damaged. And in case your skin feels dry, you can always spritz some fancy face mist on.

Moisturizing is Must

You know you have a problem when you find Lady Cassandra, the last “pure human” (Doctor Who, anyone?) relatable. With the skin literally stretched to the limit like that, no wonder she had to be moisturized every few minutes! Fortunately, your skin isn’t that bad. The trick is to use more moisturizer; it’s your best friend this winter. And if you have the time (and the money for it), we’d even recommend a luxury spa and putting on a hydrating mask once a week for a baby soft skin. Apply a moisturizer immediately after you take a shower or wash your face. It locks the essential oils and water in the skin pores and reduces the risk of rashes and cracked skin considerably. Petroleum jelly, lip balms, creams, lotions, mineral oils and even hair conditioners are some cheap and effective moisturizing agents you can use.

Use Gentler Cosmetics and Cleansing Products

The sudden drop in the temperature and decreasing humidity levels in the air can take its toll on your skin. A continued exposure to the freezing cold and dry winds leaves the skin flaky and dull. You certainly don’t want low quality, chemically unstable, and borderline toxic cosmetic products to make things worse. The solution – gentle, high quality, and reputed cosmetics.

And while we recommend the use of mild beauty products all year round, the tip comes especially handy during winters. We love the neocutis bio creams for their mild organic ingredients. You can even check out beauty soap bars by Peter Thomas Roth and ELTA MCD if you have sensitive skin. Remember, every bit of care you take while selecting skin care cosmetics, particularly for winters, is worth your time and money; because your skin is invaluable.

Exfoliate Less

Exfoliation is an excellent way to remove the dead skin cells from your skin and open up the skin’s pores. However, excess of exfoliation can be bad for you especially during winters. If you have really dry skin, we suggest you skip the process altogether. For people with oily or normal skin, we recommend a mild exfoliating mask or body wash that thoroughly cleanses your skin without harming it in any way. Daily scrubbing and exfoliation might cause abrasion and rashes on the face. Now, you can choose from the big brands like Obagi or make a DIY scrub at home using everyday ingredients from the kitchen. Bananas, apples, honey, oatmeal, and avocados, for instance, make wonderful scrubs for the skin.

Don’t Ditch your SPF

The sun may be hiding during the colder months, but it is still out there amongst the clouds emitting UV rays that can harm your skin. Always carry a sunscreen with you, one of a high SPF range depending on the heat exposure you’re subjected to. The sun’s UV rays is not just harmful to your skin but your overall well-being. Slathering on some sunscreen not only protects you from tanning but also reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and moles on the skin. We love the sunscreen lotions by PMD Microderm as they suit all skin types and comes with a variety of SPF options.

Some Simple Lifestyle Changes

A few simple lifestyle changes like proper diet, and regular sleep goes a long way in keeping your skin glowing and youthful. Your skin is not high maintenance; all it asks is that you take proper care of it. Follow your night-time beauty routine religiously. Scrub your face clean of makeup and apply a toner every night before bed. It reduces the risk of pimples, acne breakouts, rashes, inflammation and skin aging. Drink lots of water, slather on some moisturizer on the elbows, face, and feet, switch on the humidifier, and you’re sorted for the night.

The Bottom Line

Winter is a here, and dry, flaky skin comes with it. Chapped lips, itchy elbows, rashes, and blisters- we’ve been through it all, but don’t need to put up with winter woes anymore. Don’t worry, the right skincare regime and healthy lifestyle choices work wonders on improving your skin tone and quality. Avoid alcohol and chuck those cigarettes in the bin if you want soft, healthy skin! Our beauty hacks are pretty basic and easy to follow. They cater to all skin types and textures and have no dangerous side-effects whatsoever, try them out today.