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Rehab 101, Article 3: Rehabilitation

After an addict has gone through successful detoxification, they are ready to enter a rehabilitation facility. These centers provide a protective environment keeping the...

Rehab 101, Article 4: Treatment

Introduction Treatment solutions are personal. This is because every person’s brain chemistry and physiology are different. Apart from the differences in substance tolerance, there are...

Rehab 101, Article 5: Criminal Justice

American drug abusers should say thank you that they are not in the Philippines where tolerance is much lower and rehabilitation is voluntary on...

Rehab 101, Article 6: Recovery

There is much debate about the use of the word recovery. Is an addict considered recovered after detox? After leaving a rehab program? When...

Rehab 101, Article 9: Religion and Drugs

Rehab 101 Article 9: Religion and Drugs Narcotics have been used in religions since the dawn of time. The first users were shamans to induce visions...