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Do you need toll-free numbers for your company? Are you traveling overseas and wish to avoid long-distance call charges? There are some options when it comes to toll-free numbers, including toll-free numbers that can be forwarded internationally. Let’s take a look at the different types of toll-free numbers available, along with how and where they work.

International Virtual Toll-Free Numbers

When you subscribe to international toll free numbers, you can allocate them to one or more countries of your choice. Callers in those countries will then be able to contact you without incurring any charge. As a subscriber, you pay for the calls. If you are running a company, this is an excellent way to expand your business globally without having to create or set up additional locations. It is also a great way to boost your marketing and communication.

Your clients will be much more inclined to call you on a toll-free number, and this offers peace of mind because they always know that they will not have to pay for their calls because global toll-free numbers each have a prefix that designates they are toll-free. Though the prefix differs from country to country, they are easily recognized within their region.

The Nuts and Bolts of International Calling Toll-Free

Let’s say that your company’s office is based in New York, but you are developing a customer base in London. You may be missing out on potential customers in England because they don’t want to pay expensive international calling charges to speak to you. Not to mention the awkwardness of international dialing codes. Studies show that these two factors significantly affect communication with your clients, reduce your chance of converting leads and decrease your revenue.

But you don’t have to worry about these setbacks, because you can subscribe to toll-free international numbers in London, from a company such as Global Call Forwarding. That way, all your English customers can call you without being charged for the calls, and every call can be routed to your office phone, mobile, or customer service call center.

International Toll-Free Numbers Can Boost Your Marketing

Because you can be flexible with your international phone numbers, you can use each one to improve your marketing strategies. For example, if you are advertising your products and services on your website and also have ads on the radio, in a local newspaper, and on Facebook, you could use a different toll-free number for each advertisement. That way you can track the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. If one isn’t drawing as many leads as the others, you can fine-tune it to make it more effective or drop it altogether and replace it with something new.

Do Universal Toll-Free Numbers Exist?

A common question among business owners is, is there such a thing as a universal toll-free number? The answer is yes, though it might not be quite what you had in mind. There are no toll-free numbers that are free to call anywhere in the world. However, there are universal international freephone numbers (UIFNs). A UFIN can be used to make toll-free calls from more than one different country. Some restrictions do apply, for example:

  • A UFIN must be registered in at least two countries.
  • A UFIN must be in service for at least 180 days from your subscription date.

UFINS works by adding an extra digit to the prefix of a current toll-free number. This gives you an 11-digit number while maintaining the integrity of your original toll-free number. For example, if your toll-free business number is 1-800-MATTRESS, it will become +8000-MATTRESS. A UFIN lets you keep your original number and simultaneously allows you to receive calls from overseas.

Virtual International Phone Numbers

This type of international phone number is not linked to a physical phone line. Instead, it is managed in the cloud. Virtual numbers often come with special features like SMS forwarding, white and blacklisting, voicemail to email, and failover forwarding. All these services are included in Global Call Forwarding’s virtual international numbers packages. Calls can be routed to:

  • Mobile phones
  • Landlines
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines
  • Public switched telephone network (PSTN)

This means that wherever you are in the world, and whichever country you’re receiving calls from, you are always accessible.

When you’re searching for an international toll-free number, the type of service you choose will depend on your budget, the size of your business, how you are expanding your market, and the countries you wish to connect with. Choose a company that offers reliable service and will allow you to set up a service without a contract or commitment.