In today’s modern world, it has become quite so necessary to own a hi-tech gadget to keep yourself connected to the surrounding world and all its going on, and what better example of such a gadget than the Apple iPhone. Whether you are using a 2G or 3G iPhone device, or whether you are one of fanatics willing for experiencing the 4G era, definitely you find that your iPhone makes your life that much more entertaining, productive, and flexible.

Here is another thing that’s for sure: like millions of other iPhone fans, you also crave for upgrading your recent iPhone for the next best model, but you are not in the situation where you can afford the highest prices of the newest versions of iPhone. So, here’s a good news for you; you can get your hands on a used or refurbished iPhone at a reasonable price. You should grab it since refurbished and used phones are surprisingly growing in number around the world.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Recent Statistics Regarding Refurbished and Used Phones

The global refurbished smartphone market has become mature and reliable. Buying refurbished phones is now widely considering as the smartest and most affordable alternatives for those who can’t buy the brand new expensive smartphones. The lowest prices and good quality are the main reasons that why refurbished phones are so popular.

According to some recent stats of Counterpoint Technology Market Research, “Refurbished phones are increasing their shares in the global smartphone industry, accounting for at least one out of every ten mobile devices sold.”

The Counterpoint’s report also revealed that “only 25% of all pre-owned mobile phones are sold back into the market, and most of those are refurbished ones.”

Nevertheless, those reconditioned or refurbished phones are having a great impact on the market. Tom Kang, the Director of the Counterpoint Research, stated, “With 13% growth, refurbished phones are now close to 10% of the total global smartphone market.”

He also indicated that “in the last year, Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone have the dominance in the refurbished market than the new smartphone global market, mentioning that these two smartphone giants make up approximately three-fourths of the refurb phones market, with Apple leading by a substantial margin.”

Why Refurbished iPhones are Gaining Popularity

The Counterpoint’s report also highlighted that “the recent lifespan and resale cycle of existing iPhones is extended, noting people are now upgrading their iPhones every 31 months.” It is a really shocking news for Apple because the previous upgrading period was almost two years. As the brand new iPhones are generally costly, now people are opting for low-priced refurbished iPhones.

Refurbished iPhone 6
Refurbished iPhone 6

Refurbished iPhones are not new phones, but they look and work as good as new ones. In reality, these phones are used ones returned to the companies after a period of use or due to the fault of the hardware or software. These devices have been properly remodeled, and all types of faults have been fixed. Then, they have been tested to ensure their quality and performance.

Because of pre-owned devices, refurbished iPhones are much affordable than the brand new models. However, it is recommended that you should consider the categories of refurbished phones before buying the one. Reconditioned iPhones are generally categorised in Grades, depending on their quality, condition, and price as well. Have a look at these!

Grade A: very close to new iPhone in condition, might have some minor signs of handling or wear.

Grade B: might have some marks, scratches, or other signs of cosmetic damage.

Grade C: usually have scratches, signs of wear, or cosmetic damage, etc.

Another point that makes refurbished iPhones a good choice for buying is warranty. Yes, refurbished iPhones come with any kind of warranty or money back guarantee. Most of the dealers who sell refurbished phones generally offer 90-180 days’ worth of warranty on their products. Further, their return policy can also allow you to send back your purchased iPhone within the 30 days of purchase and get your money back if you are not satisfied with your product.

Which Refurbished iPhones Have The Resale Value?

So, you are impressed with refurbished iPhones and now thinking of which one you should buy. According to Counterpoint Research conducted in 2017, the world’s top 2 best-selling iPhones were the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s, released in 2016. If you are also a fan of these models, you can buy it in refurbished condition and save a lot of money.

Furthermore, if iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X are your dream phones, you can also get a hold of one of them by purchasing the used one. It’s the best time to get many affordable deals since the newest models of iPhone are coming soon. And it is a fact that when new versions hit the market, the prices of older models fall down. Additionally, the next-to-latest models of iPhones have almost all the features of the hottest model. For instance, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are almost similar in terms of features and functionality.

So How to Buy a Cheap Refurbished iPhone Today?

One of the biggest platforms for refurbished iPhones is eBay, the auction giant where you can discover a large collection of used and reconditioned iPhones. So, you can find the best deal with a little effort. Hence, keep in mind there are scammers at eBay, who sell low-quality products. Therefore, you should ensure the reliability of the seller.

If you are not satisfied with eBay, you can approach certified dealers online. These dealers/sellers are registered with manufacturing companies. Thus, these dealers are well-informed on the iPhone models that they renew for sale in the market. Furthermore, they offer warranty and return policy for their refurbished iPhones, so if there is any problem with your purchased handset, you can repair it free of cost or replace it for another refurbished phone or get a full refund. So, start searching for reputable authorized dealers and find the most favorable deal to get your hands on your favorite iPhone.