What’s that? Do you want to take a close-up photo of the moon on your smartphone? Nope sorry, can’t do it yet. Oh, you want to play games on your phone with a console-like experience. Hmm, try again in a few years. Phones are getting bigger and faster, but there are no handsets on the hyper end of the spectrum if you want to own a hyper-phone, you’re are out of luck

If you want a premium smartphone, no problem, this sector of the market performs surprisingly well. It’s obvious now that people like to own luxury goods, why not luxury smartphones? Some luxury brands have done cross overs and “special edition” product releases with handset manufactures, but nothing truly caught on.

Is there a phone out there for people who want a statement of a smartphone? Something so big, expensive, and powerful that it would draw looks of awe and ire from those around it? Well, several, sort of. There exists a handful of handsets that are designed for the ultra-elite. Still, they demand a premium price because of their design, materials used or, small production runs for ensured exclusivity, not bleeding edge performance.

Well, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra, we finally have a phone that dares to push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do. The s20 Ultra is the most expensive mass-produced smartphone ever released, it is big, bold, and beautiful, and most importantly, it pushes the envelope on performance, placing whoever is lucky enough to own one in an exclusive club of speed.


If you are going to call your smartphone “ultra”, it better be special. The word carries such an impact that naming something ultra can harm its image more profoundly if it fails to live up to expectations. Riding high off the successful s10, Samsung customers had high hopes for the next generation of Galaxy phones. Consumers expect the bleeding edge in camera technology from their Samsung phones, and boy does the s20 ultra deliver.

The forward-facing camera system on the s20 Ultra is capable of zooming in 10x optically, a massive upgrade from the s10’s 2x. The s10+ boasted a (then) impressive 10x digital zoom, the s20 ultra? Its forward-facing camera system can zoom in 100x optically, and it does so with speed. Perfect for sports fans or anyone wanting to get close to the action.

To handle all that zoom, the sensor has been upgraded too, boasting an almost unbelievable 108 megapixels. Yes, you read that right, 108 megapixels in a smartphone camera. This huge sensor promises to make zooming a breeze, as well as the improved capability for night time photography.

You cant do what I do.

There are plenty of phones and phablets that boats a big screen, lots of power, and a nice camera, but none do it like the s20 Ultra. The s20 is a significant step up in power for smartphones, with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processor and 16gb or ram the s20 could feasibly replace your laptop.

Thanks to Samsungs DeX software, the s20 can be used just like a desktop computer, complete with connections to an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Users will have to purchase the DeX station, then it’s just a simple matter of plugging the devices in. No other phone offers this type of feature; the s20 Ultra could be the only device you need.

It seems like every other week we see a flagship smartphone hit the market. With such predictability, It’s easy to become bored with the state of technology. Finally, there is a phone release to get excited about. The s20 Ultra is a ridiculous phone, that is in a galaxy of its own.