Blending Ministry, Medicine, and Mentorship for a Holistic Approach to Healing

A Guiding Philosophy: ‘Chase the Light’

At the very core of Chase Skylar DeMayo’s life philosophy lies an invigorating call to ‘Chase the Light.’ Born in Winter Park, Florida, this 36-year-old isn’t your average individual. Through every chapter of his life, DeMayo has championed the belief that everyone, especially veterans, can unearth their intrinsic goodness. To him, it’s about tapping into the potential to not only better oneself but also uplift the community and family.

The Healing Nexus: Ministry and Alternative Medicine

Venturing into the spheres of ministry and alternative medicine might seem an unusual blend to many. But for Chase, it’s a harmonious confluence. The University of Sedona, where he pursued his bachelor’s in ministry, provided him with spiritual insights. Simultaneously, his ongoing education in Alternative Medicine at Everglades University equips him with tools to promote physical wellness. By integrating these disciplines, Chase envisions a holistic healing process. It’s a mission to facilitate comprehensive well-being, ensuring veterans and others find balance in their spirit, mind, and body.

From Military Valor to Community Valor

Service, discipline, and honor aren’t just abstract terms for Chase. These values were instilled in him during his transformative stint in the U.S. Air Force. Yet, post his service days, his commitment transcended national borders, focusing instead on communities. As the Director of Partnerships for the XFL Orlando Guardians, a prestigious professional football league team, he isn’t merely overseeing operational aspects. Chase is on a mission to establish meaningful relationships that enhance community welfare.

The Sports Connection: More Than Just Games

When one envisions a Director of Partnerships for a sports team like the XFL Orlando Guardians, they might think of strategic planning, corporate relations, or event management. But for DeMayo, it’s a platform to inculcate values like teamwork, perseverance, and resilience – values reminiscent of his Air Force days. Through sports, he sees an opportunity to echo the ethos of service and commitment, intending to uplift an entire community.

In Pursuit of a Higher Calling

Beyond his professional and educational pursuits, Chase’s dedication to veterans stands out. Having served in the Air Force, he recognizes the unique challenges veterans face during their transition to civilian life. His goal? To help them find their purpose, to help them ‘Chase the Light.’ This commitment is further underscored by his association with IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies). As a speaker for the organization, he shares insights from his own near-death experience, hoping to illuminate paths for others.


Chase Skylar DeMayo’s journey is not just his own. It’s an inspiring saga for countless individuals seeking purpose amidst adversities. Through his endeavors in holistic healing, community service, and personal growth, Chase shines a light, urging everyone to follow suit.

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