Of late the number of people suffering from cancer has skyrocketed by leaps and bounds. And there are a couple of reasons that account for the majority of the cases related to cancer. It is not only the older generation that is becoming a victim of cancer, but it is also affecting the younger generation especially in the form of colon cancer. There are many lifestyles and diet-related reasons that can cause cancer and you will be taken aback by how most of these factors you can control.

Cancer- The Key Contributors

Take a look at the various factors that have contributed to the rise in cancer diagnoses,

  • Not Well Nourished-

    The body cannot maintain the homeostasis which keeps the cancer cells away if the body does not possess the raw materials for functioning correctly. Following the rise in intake of processed food, people are well fed no doubt, but they do not get adequate nourishment.

  • Increased Levels of Estrogen-

    Today most women take birth control pills which contain high levels of estrogen, and higher estrogen levels indicate higher rates of cancer.

  • Use of Vegetable Oils-

    These days people are using vegetable oils in large quantities. But the truth is vegetable oils known as polyunsaturated fats are likely to damage every system present in the body. Even if people avoid using it at home, they are subject to it whenever they visit a fast food chain, a restaurant or when they consume processed foods. There is proof that that excess intake of PUFA or polyunsaturated fats can contribute to cancer especially breast cancer. Such fats will synergize with that of estrogen and thereby sensitize to radiation. Its effects on a mother will be visible in the offspring like an increased tendency of developing prostate or breast cancer.

  • Obesity-

    A key reason that has made cancer so common these days is obesity followed by lack of adequate diet, weight control, and exercise. Obesity can contribute to different forms of cancer namely breast cancer after menopause, rectal and colon cancer, gallbladder, thyroid, kidney, pancreatic, endometrial and esophageal cancer.

  • Increased Levels of Stress-

    The ability of the body to adapt and respond to stress rests upon the nutrition that one provides to the body. If a person does not digest the food properly for absorbing nutrients or is not taking the right amount of food, bombard the body with various environmental stressors or consume plenty of empty food what will happen? The body will fail in maintaining the homeostasis or balance that keeps the body disease free and healthy. When the cells are nourished fully, gets protective hormones and illuminated properly, its ability to communicate must be capable of governing their movements, stopping and reversing the metastatic migration.

  • Vaccines-

    Some vaccine labels say that there has been no evaluation for its mutagenic or carcinogenic impairment or potentials of fertility. That is because vaccines have ingredients which are carcinogenic like formaldehyde and carcinogenic indicates containing the potential of causing cancer.

  • Types of Cancer on the Rise-

    Regardless of increased awareness, certain forms of cancer remain to gain ground contributing to the increase in cancer. These include,

  • Human papillomavirus-

    HPV is a popular sexually transmitted disease that has more than 40 different mutations. Neck and head cancers are commonly attributed to HPV, and it also includes cancers at the backside of the throat like the tonsils and tongue. Besides, the high-risk types include cancer in the penis, anus, vulva, vagina, and cervix. Often this situation can be treated, and the body can fight the virus but if this fails to it can result in cancer post the initial infection.

  • Skin Cancer-

    Despite the efforts made in addressing the risk factors related to skin cancer like intentional tanning behaviors and inadequate skin protection, the rate of skin cancer has increased especially melanoma. The common types of skin cancer include squamous cell and a basal cell that happens on the arms, hands, neck, face, and head.

  • Gastrointestinal Cancers-

    The digestive system will be affected by this cancer- bowel, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and stomach. Kidney, liver, pancreatic and stomach cancer of late has increased a lot. Here again, obesity plays a key role.

Early Diagnosis Equals Successful Outcomes

With the wide availability of cancer-specific screenings, doctors are capable of diagnosing cancer. Akin to most life-threatening medical situations, the timely diagnosis will increase one’s likelihood to beat the deadly disease and continue living a long life. Fortunately, in this era, to avail for a cancer diagnosis no longer remains a death sentence.

Cancer- The Financial Killer

What are the factors that had made cancer a financial killer in the real sense? The average treatment cost is somewhere close to $150,000, and the reason here is not mysterious. This deadly disease occurs in a cellular stage where the abnormal cells divide and spread. To contain cancer as well as kill the abnormal cells devoid of causing any damage to the healthy cells nearby often needs different forms of treatment for a long time period. These may include costly chemotherapy, complicated surgeries, lengthy radiation and other strong medications for supercharging the immunity. The latest cancer treatments are emerging with new hopes but are highly priced. Patients cannot afford it so are left untreated. It is the price that acts as the barrier for their treatment.

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