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How often do you buy a remote control butt plug?

Once every few months? Or maybe once every few years (if you take good care of the product)?

Whatever your answer is, this isn’t a purchase you make often. Not to mention, a good butt plug is expensive.

You might have to fork out 100s of dollars for a good model.

So your purchase has to be worthwhile, and today we’ll help with that. Follow the 5 tips below, and get a butt plug you’ll never regret!

#1 – Make sure it’s Safe.

Unfortunately, many sex toy manufacturers tend to forget safety measures.

They design toys that are too harsh on the anal lining. The outer coating of those toys lacks enough padding for a comfortable experience.

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To avoid a harsh user experience – we recommend looking for silicone toys.

Another Factor – Base Size.

You don’t want a remote control butt plug that gets stuck inside you.

This’ll happen if you have a toy whose base is as wide as the toy’s girth. With such models, you risk mishandling the toy, especially if you push it in too deep.

As a tip, we recommend picking an easy to grip base. It should be twice as wide as the toy’s girth (minimum).

#2 – Consider Rigidity.

The last thing you need is a butt plug that’s too stiff.

Why? Because that makes insertion painful. It also makes changing your position difficult with the toy inside you.

Plus – you may want to use the toy actively, especially when doing daily errands.

You might want to put it on for multiple hours on end. And to do that, the plug you pick mustn’t feel like a stick.

It should be firm enough to apply a proper pressure. But it shouldn’t be stiff to the point of pain.

#3 – Pick the Proper Size.

Size (to an extent) defines rigidity.

We recommend a butt plug that’s 0.8 to 1.2 inches in diameter. This is wide enough to fit in most anal holes comfortably.

Also, pick a length that lets you insert the full plug in. We recommend no more than 12mm.

Isn’t That too Small?


As a rule, smaller butt plugs work best. The reason is, your use of a butt plug is more active than that of a normal vibrator.

Plus, the end of what a butt plug stimulates is the prostate. And you don’t want a toy that’s too large stabbing at that gland.

12mm is perfect. It works well for the majority of people. Plus, you can always control the distance by changing your position when using it!

#4 – Long Usage Time

If you’re using a butt plug, you want a battery that lasts long.

You can’t settle for a butt plug that switches off within 30 minutes to 1 hour. That’s too little time, especially when you consider the recharge period.

As a minimum, we recommend butt plugs that last 2 hours. The longer, the better.

A long-lasting butt plug means less frequent recharging. It also means that the toy retains much of its vibration intensity, even after prolonged use.

Not to mention – high capacity batteries tend to survive longer. So you’re less likely to replace the toy!

#5 – Easy Controls

The final tip on our list.

All proper butt plugs use remote. And you need a remote that isn’t complex to use.

Pick a toy that supplies remotes with minimal options. You just want the ability to switch on/off vibrations.

Plus, you also want buttons that increase/drop vibration intensity.

You shouldn’t need more than 3-5 buttons to do the job. And most sex toys offer that on their remote-controlled models!