Joint pain and inflammation are symptoms that cause arthritis. There are different types of arthritis which include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. All these types of arthritis are characterized by symptoms such as weak bones (osteoporosis), joint pains as well as inflammation. Joint pains may be triggered by any kind of movement or dislocation within the joints.

Joint pains can be both short term and chronic joint pains. They may affect all the joints in your hands which include shoulders, hips, knee and the ankles. Joint pains can greatly affect the quality of your life due to excessive pain and restrained movement. Therefore, whenever you have joint pain symptoms, you should seek medication from qualified personnel. You should also avoid foods that cause joint pains.

10 Foods To Avoid

  1. All Processed Foods

If you are out there and joint pains have been severely affecting your life, it is now time to avoid all the highly processed foods. These foods ranged from a variety of foods such as baked foods, all meals that comes prepackaged as well as snacks. This is basically due to the fact that, the preservatives added contain high levels of trans-fats. As a matter of fact, trans-fats are a huge accelerator of joint pains and as well trigger systemic inflammation.

  1. Sugar

Foods that contain high levels of sugar should also be avoided at all costs. This is primarily because; they trigger the release of proteins in the body which contain cytokines which are highly responsible for instigating inflammation and high blood pressure. These refined sugars include chocolate, candy, soda and even fruits. You should always be careful and well-informed in a manner that you can be able to identify all the ingredients used to make sugar such as fructose, sucrose, and maltose.

  1. Red Meat And Fried Foods

Commonly, red meat and fried foods lead to the development of joint signs and symptoms of joint pain. According to a research conducted in the year 2009, these foods were one of the leading causes of joint pains for most arthritis patients. Meat, and to be specific red meat, causes joint signs and symptoms of joint pain. In addition, meat does not only cause joint signs and symptoms of joint pain, but it also contains products that stimulate inflammation. Other foods that you should avoid include French fries and donuts.

  1. Highly Refined Grains

A research conducted in the year 2013 to find out the effect of highly processed grains found out that, patients who followed a diet of processed grains had a higher chance of developing arthritis as compared to those who ate whole grains. Highly refined grains contained certain products that increased symptoms such as inflammation, joint pains and reduced the strength of the bones.

As opposed to whole grains, refined grains contain a certain chemical that triggers the production of a high level of blood glucose. The high level of glucose in the blood highly correlates with arthritis and inflammation. On the other hand, people who are highly sensitive to gluten may also experience joint pains and inflammation from the wheat intake.

  1. Dairy Products

Although they are considered highly nutritious and very good in bodybuilding, they, however, contain a certain type of protein that causes arthritis and joint pain. Numerous studies have found out that, this protein obtained from dairy products causes irritation of tissues in areas around the joint. It would be therefore very prudent for people with arthritis muscle pain to avoid dairy products and switch to a vegetarian life.

  1. Alcohol And Tobacco

When suffering from conditions such as arthritis and joint pains, you are required to eat a well-balanced diet, improve your physical activity and get an adequate amount of rest. However, all these activities are compromised by the use of tobacco and alcohol. A study conducted in the year 2016 showed that chronic alcohol consumption amplified the loss of pigments in both the knee and shoulder joints and as well stimulate inflammation. The study went further and discovered that the ingesting of alcohol prompted compulsive changes in the articular cartilage.

  1. Salts And Preservatives

Basically, a salt rich diet increases the chance of you developing arthritis and joint pains. More than 50% of the population worldwide goes beyond 2,400 milligrams per day which is the recommended amount of salt in every single day. According to the national institute of health, high sodium intake was a major contributor of high blood pressure among patients. On the other hand, high salt intake also increases your chance of developing weak bones a condition known as osteoporosis. Therefore, consumption of little or no salt may be very effective in dealing with arthritis.

  1. Corn Oil

Corn oil is majorly found in large quantities in baked foods. On the other hand, snacks contain corn and other oils which contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids. Basically, foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids cause inflammation whereas food rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil has been found to relieve joint pain to certain people.

  1. Advanced Glycation End Products

Primarily, this is a toxin that appears in food when foods undergo processes such as pasteurization, heating, grilling, and frying. AGEs are involved in the damage of certain proteins in the body apart from cytokines. This process, therefore, facilitates the production of inflammatory messengers which cause signs of arthritis and joint pains. Research has shown that reducing the amount of food cooked at high temperatures may reduce the risks of getting joint pains and arthritis.

  1. Fried Food

They contain high amounts of trans-fats that are a major cause of infections such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These foods include French fries, chips, crisped potatoes and others. A research by a certain school of medicine in the year 2009 found out that, reducing the amount of fried foods reduced arthritis and joint pains and as well restored the body’s natural defenses.


Although there is no scientifically proven diet to reduce arthritis and joint pains, there are certain dietary guidelines you should follow to make sure that the condition does not escalate. To ensure that your joint pains do not worsen, you should avoid the above listed foods for better results.