‘I don’t think he loves me anymore.’

‘But you guys married after dating each other for a whopping five years!’

‘He just doesn’t seem to care anymore. He is always busy. I can’t take it anymore.’

Such conversations are common today. Everyone is busy these days and not being able to spend ‘quality time’ with your spouse is something everyone is battling with. Add kids to the scene, and it gets even more complicated! After serving your boss for almost eight hours daily and then spending half of the night in changing diapers, little time is left for yourself, let alone your spouse and relationship.

You feel drained, and on top of that, if you have an argument with your better half, it adds fuel to the fire! This ‘gap’ keeps multiplying and ultimately leads to ‘I don’t think he loves me anymore!’.

If you are in one such situation, if your partner is also complaining these days about being constantly neglected, if your marriage is also going through a bad phase these days, then you are at the right place. Is it really that difficult? After all, everyone finds time for their priorities. Just give it thought folks!

Here we have listed top 5 ways to keep that spark, that passion alive even after kids! Here are 5 hot ways to spark your relationship even after you have transformed into Mommy and Daddy from Husband and Wife.

1. Communication:

Communicate! Speak up! Communication has always been the key!

It always will be. Communication is never going to be out of trend. Yes, you have been busy since morning in the office.

Yes, you have deadlines to meet. Yes, your boss has been giving you stern looks ever since you entered the office but a simple ‘I am busy. Catch you in the evening. Miss you honey! Love you lots’ can go a long way.

Don’t ever keep your partner guessing about the relationship or their importance in your life. Your schedule is busy, but a quick text here and there, a short call while having lunch can lift the relationship a lot.

Everybody wants to feel secure about them. It is a basic human tendency. Assure your partner that nobody can ever replace them and they are still of prime importance to you!

2. Gifts:

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! I love the gifts. My brother loves gifts. My friends love gifts.

Everyone loves gifts! Gifts have always worked wonders. Just imagine, you have been working all day, and as you reach home after a tiring day stuffed with loads of work, your wife welcomes you with a special delicious meal in the comfort of your home! Just imagine! Men love gifts as much as women do! Or even more may be! You never know!

Add to that a little bit of PDA and boom! Just see his eyes shine with that same love and passion again which you spotted back when you started dating.

Never underestimate the power of a quick peck on the cheek, tight hugs, random compliments, romantic statements like ‘I Love You.’

3. Join hands:

See, the baby is a part of your life now. So why not just accept it wholeheartedly and nurture your love-bud together! Take turns in waking up at night. Take care of the baby together.

That way you can spend even more time together. While your wife is busy feeding the baby or doing any other baby stuff, make her a hot cup of coffee or surprise her with a glass of her favorite whiskey!

As she is doing the dishes, make sure the baby doesn’t cry and is comfortable. It’s the little things, you see, that matters.

4. Intimacy:

There is no denying in the fact that you need to make love to stay in love! Physical intimacy is as important to your relationship as emotional intimacy. Maintain your looks. Yes, you were pregnant.

Yes, you gained weight. But, don’t let it take a toll on your self-confidence now.

Shed those extra kilos. Dress up for him. Attract Him. Yes, you are his wife now but never stop being his girlfriend. You are his girlfriend first, a wife and a mother later! Don’t forget where you started.

Make sure you take care of your privates and try bleaching methods for brighter skin down there.

5. Embrace the change:

All the ways listed above can work if and only if you understand each other’s situation! Embrace the change. Accept the fact that you two have an added responsibility now. Understand that you two are not teenagers now dating for fun. You have the responsibility of another life on you now.

Make the most out of the little time you get to spend with each other. Go out on weekends or stay back for a special movie night with a sparkling bottle of rose wine.

Compliment and appreciate each other. Most important of all, remember why you are together! Remember, that you love each other and nothing can set you guys Apart.

Yes, it is hard. But nothing worth having ever comes easy! So, go to them right now, tell

them that you love them and give them a tight hug!