The Catholic Church also has the name ‘The Roman Catholic Church’. It is the largest church in the world today. It has over 1.2 billion members throughout the world. The leadership hierarchy of this church has cardinals and bishops. Their main leader is the Bishop of Rome who is the Pope. Pope Francis I is the current leader of this popular church. The main teaching of this church is that Jesus Christ is the main founder of the church. The teachings of this church also indicate that its bishops are the successors of the apostles of Christ and that the Pope is the successor of St, Peter who was the head of the apostles.

Catholic Churches maintain that the doctrines on morals and faith it presents are infallible. A number of theological and doctrinal emphases exist. These include Eastern Catholic churches. Religious communities and personal ordinariates. The main mission of this church is to spread Jesus Christ’s Gospel to the masses. In addition to this, the church administers sacraments and exercises charity. The wine and bread offered during sacraments represent the body and blood of Christ. Catholic Churches normally practice closed communion. What this means is that only the baptized members of the church are allowed to partake of this communion. Catholic priests are the only allowed individuals to administer the wine and bread.

There is an extremely high regard for Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church. This is mainly because she was the mother of Jesus Christ. The church has come up with or defined four specific teachings on Marian dogmatic. These teachings are Immaculate Conception without original conception of sin, status as the Mother of God, bodily Assumption, and her Perpetual Virginity.

The Catholic Church has an emphasis on the deep support for the afflicted and the poor. The church walks the talk by taking part in various corporate works of compassion and mercy. As a church, it operates social institutions and programmes throughout the world. These include Catholic schools, missions and shelters, hospitals, and universities. In addition to this, the Catholic Church has a number of charities as relief services, which are tailored to help families, the sick, the elderly, and the poor. The Catholic spiritual teaching emphasis the need to grow in the spiritual realm through works of mercy.

Jesus Christ is the main fulcrum upon which the church is built. Every teaching is focused on him. He endows the church with everything necessary to complete its mission.

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Villanova University

This University is located in Radnor Township, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It boasts of 6394 undergraduates and 3200 postgraduates.

Creighton University

Creighton University is based in Omaha, Nebraska. It has an enrollment of 7051 (4087 undergraduates). It has a 12:1 student/faculty ratio. Nursing and Biology are the most popular undergraduate courses.

Fairfield University

Fairfield University is located in Fairfield, Connecticut. It boasts of 5128 (4084 Undergraduates). The University has strong and marketable international programs. Enjoy exceptional courses in areas such as liberal arts, sciences, and business studies.

Fordham University

Located in Bronx, New York, this University boasts of an enrollment of 14448 (7652 undergraduates). Its main strengths lie in sciences, arts, communication, and business.

The above is a list of the top ten ranked Catholic Universities. There is no doubt that these Catholic Universities offer some of the most marketable courses in the world today. In addition to this, the values, principles, and ethics you develop because of studying in these institutions are out of this world.